3 Design Ideas to Consider when Furnishing your Dining Room or Kitchen

3 Design Ideas to Consider when Furnishing your Dining Room or Kitchen

Furnishing your kitchen, dining room, or even kitchen nook is often an overlooked area of your home. But the dining room and dining table
are really the most important factors when decorating because these are the areas friends and family gather. Get togethers for meals,
holidays, or a neighbor comes by the dining area and kitchen are the most common rooms for entertaining.

When having friends or family over for entertaining chances are there will be plenty of talking and probably some dinner or snack preparations.
When you select a dining set for these rooms and areas its a good idea to keep your guests comfort in mind when choosing a set. If you go
with a dining set thats too big for the area then your guests might have a difficult time easily sitting down at the table. And if you get a set thats
too small then there may not be enough seating for everyone.

Here we talk about a beautiful customizeable dining set by Classic Rattan called the Walnut Grove. This set shows seating for 4 but if a
larger glass is selected you can go up to 6 chairs. Everyone loves these dining sets because the casters allow easy movement. And whether
its eating, relaxing, or maybe playing a game of cards this style dining furniture checks all the boxes.

Walnut Grove Rattan Wicker Dining Table with 45 Inch Glass Top from Classic Rattan Model 8357GL47

Walnut Grove Caster Dining Set by Classic Rattan


There are more dining set styles than you could imagine! They include Rustic, Coastal, Tropical, Cottage, Country, and Formal. And even more!
The last few years most people are choosing Coastal for their white and light colored dining areas and more rustic or country for their dining
rooms that incorporate alot of woods and grains. Here in Florida many new homes are going with marble looking quartz or granite counters
blended in with lightly painted or white walls. For these types of kitchens and dining rooms white coastal style dining sets are a great and
common choice. With Braxton Culler and Classic Rattan dining sets you can choose the stain and the fabrics. Here is the Hues dining set
by Braxton Culler where the teal green was chosen for some of the chairs and white for the others.
Hues Indoor Dining Table by Braxton Culler Model 1064-E76

In most instances the dining area and kitchen counter are adjacent to each other in the same area. Its definitely an appealing look when the dining set and stools
blend by having the same stain and styling. Alexander & Sheriden is a manufacturer that specializes in designing beautiful dining sets that offer matching
counter and barstools. The Cuba dining set and matching Cuba barstool or counterstool shown below do a great job in showing how a matching dining set
with kitchen stools can tie a space all together. Of course these are just one example of hundreds at American Rattan Superstore where they have an unending
selection of wonderful dining and kitchen furniture collections for your home, rental, condo, or apartment living.
Cuba 5 Pc Dining Set with Dining Arm Chairs
Matching Cuba Swivel Barstool and Counterstool
Cuba Barstool and Counterstool from Alexander & Sheriden

Choosing your furniture for your dining room, kitchen, and other entertaining areas should be a fun and even exciting process. Starting your search online at
American Rattan is one of the best ways to get started! Browse hundreds of stains, fabrics, and matching sets and stools. The options and ideas are endless
and if you do contact American Rattan you will love dealing with their warm, friendly, and knowledgeable reps.

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Please give our experts a call as needed: 1-888-265-4695

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it gave you new ideas for decorating your home.

by Mark Mosher, aka, “RATTANMAN(TM)”

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