4 Ways Rattan Accessory Furniture can Turn your Living Space into a Rustic Paradise

CONVENIENCE TABLES – Using Rattan coffee tables, end tables, and sofa tables can turn your living room and sunrooms into a tropical and rustic style paradise.
You won’t need to change your furniture but instead just add the Rattan tables to your current decor. American Rattan offers a huge
selection of beautiful Rattan coffee, end tables, and sofa tables that is unmatched anywhere.

Rattan tables blend beautifully with leather or upholstered furniture of any kind. This blending of styles creates a rustic look that
isnt achievable any other way. Many designers have recently discovered the transforming beauty achieved by adding Wicker and Rattan tables to
create a more inviting and appealing space. Plus, the choices are not limited to just the convenience tables. There are rustic looking etageres,
bookcases, and even lounge chairs that create these rustic and comfortable feeling living rooms. Use your imagination when decorating with Rattan
and Wicker accessories and you will be adding many options to your interior designing prowess.

WICKER CHAIRS – As you can see below the Oaks Way Upholstered Sofa by Braxton Culler blends with the Wicker Camarone Swivel chair. The Pine Isle etagere, coffee and end table
set finish it off giving the room a unique, and rustic look. The sofa is a contemporary style and the coffee table set is considered tropical. They work and blend to
produce this wonderful looking and comfortable seating area.


OAKS WAY LIVING ROOM SET with Tropical Style Tables

STAIN OPTIONS – American Rattan offers indoor collections by Braxton Culler and Classic Rattan with stain and fabric options. By ordering your tables and chairs
in various stains you can achieve a much wider array of looks and colors. Ideas for choosing stains can include selecting whites, greys, and blues for your coastal
look and browns and naturals for your tropical look.

In the room below notice the Capris Barbados Wicker Lounge chair is matched up with the Capris Upholstered sofa and ottomans. The wicker chair adds the rustic
feel to the space making the room more comfortable and interesting.

Barbados 3 Pc Rattan Chair and Upholstered Sofa Set Model OC397-S406 from Capris Furniture

Barbados 3 Pc Rattan Chair and Upholstered Sofa Set Model OC397-S406 from Capris Furniture

CABIN LIVING – I think its a natural and mainstream assumption that Rattan and Wicker is a good choice for a coastal or tropical themed home but not as
desirable for an up north or more cabin like home. We have found that Rattan and Wicker blend beautifully in a cabin home just as nicely as a coastal theme

This is a Minnesota cabin home on a lake. The Borneo wood dining table with Wicker chairs blends nicely with the rock fireplace and wood floors. The Rattan
coffee table also looks great on the woodsy rug and wood floors grains.

Borneo Rattan and Wood Ocassional Chair from Capris Furniture Model OC752

So use your imagination when decorating with Wicker and Rattan furniture and accessories. Over time these items will become your go-to for wonderful looking
living spaces that people with greatly enjoy. Even if your a designer who enjoys WOWING your clients you can usually “hit out of the park” looking rooms using
Rattan and Wicker.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it gave you new ideas for decorating your home.

by Mark Mosher, aka, “RATTANMAN(TM)”

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