7 Different Ways To Care For Your Outdoor Furniture

April 23, 2019

Visualize this A small gathering, a glass of wine, a poolside party, comfortable couches you get the whole picture. But!! What next, cleaning? Definitely, after having a great time with friends and family, focus on cleaning especially outdoor furniture is tough. No doubt, it’s quite a heavy task to perform but you can’t sit by crossing your fingers and think cleaning would be done by itself. Make some efforts and read the good articles to learn effective tips to clean the Outdoor Wicker.

If you place wicker furniture at your outdoor areas like in a garden, around the pool, balcony, be conscious about the temperature, it fluctuates with time. The weaving technique is employed to create wicker furniture, it doesn’t require enough care and attention but cleaning should be there for wicker furniture.


7 perks to clean Outdoor Furniture, so that you can use it in coming years:

1. Frequently, use a vacuum to bring dust, dirt, and bugs out that almost start living in the nook of the furniture and will stay for longer terms also if the vacuum is not implemented.

2. Avoid using foam to clean the furniture, it settles down in the cracks and solidified. As a result, damage the furniture and can’t use in the long run.

3. If the furniture has any stubborn strain, use a sponge with mild oil-based soap to clean it and leave the furniture free till it dries properly.

4. Avoid excessive pressure while vacuum the furniture. Get the dust or dirt out at low pressure only because at heavy pressure you might harm the inner portion of the furniture.

5. Make a distance from moist wicker furniture as it might sinks.

6. If your Outdoor Wicker furniture needs painting touch-ups, firstly with soft wire brush peel off the paint.

7. The low cost of resin furniture is our first choice and we use these type of chairs in addition. Use a mild solution to clean it and make it dry.

A disaster comes to your way if you do cleaning after a huge time period. As we discussed earlier, wicker furniture doesn’t need deep cleaning but it doesn’t mean to keep the furniture untouched.

How to clean the cushions?
Cleaning cushion is kind of responsibility comes with furniture. Maximum times, we avoid using cushions with outdoor furniture, then automatically you can protect them to harm. But if you’re using cushions, it’s important to clean them after a certain interval of a time period.

  • Mix up mild detergent with water to clean the cushions and even you can use a scrub brush to discard dust or dirt.
  • In case, you have white cushions with Outdoor Wicker furniture, you can add bleach with detergent and water but remember, don’t add bleach for colored cushions.

Before buying outdoor furniture, make sure you knock at the right door like Rattanamn is offering very fine quality outdoor furniture. Wicker is a pragmatic choice to buy with high durability. It shines up your outdoor area.

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