Announcing our Re-Built Website at

July 15, 2019

Its been quite a few months since we began the planning and rebuild of our company website:

Over the last week, we’ve been putting on final revisions and touches and although there are still a few things to get done
(there always is) we now have what I believe to be a great new and powerful website. ran for years on a Dreamweaver HTML only based site where each and every page of the website
including the product pages had to be individually built for each and every product as well as every other page on the site.
I ran the site like this for many many years and it was such a popular website! We did very well with it and our customers
seemed to like it very much.

With our new implementation of our powerful WordPress based website we have positioned ourselves back to the online LEADER
position in the retail sales of indoor Rattan and Wicker as well as Outdoor furniture of all kinds.

With our expert and knowledgeable reps combines with our 2 powerful websites we are the Rattan and Wicker industry focused
powerhouse. So please enjoy browsing our huge selections of island style living room sets, sofas, dining sets, outdoor sets, and nautical patio bar
stools, and so many, many more Rattan and tropical themed products.

I guarantee you will find the best furniture items with your choice of a great selection of fabrics and stains. With our great sales discounts
you will also enjoy the very lowest prices anywhere!


~ Mark Mosher, aka “Rattan Man”(TM)

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