As Autumn Approaches its a Good Time to Upgrade your Dining Room

As Autumn Approaches its a Good Time to Upgrade your Dining Room

By Planning Early you can Rest Assured your Dining Set will Arrive on Time –

  • When you order a dining set with custom fabric and even stains the process can take a couple of months even if the sets are in stock. So shopping in August is the best time to receive by the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.
  • An indoor Rattan and Wicker dining sets are great choices for relaxing and tropical styles that people naturally love and feel at home in. That makes entertaining more enjoyable for everyone.
  • At American Rattan we prefer to focus and market in-stock dining sets. If you select an in-stock set your more assured of a delivery time that meets your schedule.
  • Create any look you want for your dining room or kitchen by selecting a custom fabric to blend well in your kitchen. The possibilites are endless!

What Style Chair will Work Best for your Kitchen or Dining Room area?

When shopping at American Rattan for a dining set you will notice some sets use chairs with caster rollers. This allows you and your guests to move and adjust at the dining and kitchen table while eating. These chairs are very popular for both dining room and kitchen eating space but probably utilized more in the kitchen. The other 2 types of chairs that are available with our indoor Rattan dining sets are the side chair and the dining arm chair. Space is your most important factor when choosing between these 2 dining chairs. Your side chairs will provide more space between chairs giving you and your guests plenty of arm room. The dining arm chairs let you and your guests lounge back and put your arms up on the rest. This could be nice in a relaxing atmosphere of convrsation. Your space and personal preferences will be the deciding factor on how you want to set up your kitchen and dining room area.

Here are some wonderful IN-STOCK dining sets that we personally love and have chosen for this article. With such large photos you can get a better idea of how they will look in your dining room and kitchen.

Nadine Rattan Dining Set by South Sea Rattan

The timeless look of traditional rattan now meets a more modern silhouette in the Nadine. Available in two elegant finishes, the Nadine breathes fresh life into the beauty of rattan furniture we know and love. Discover the seating and dining options in this exciting collection. With the high quality workmanship and beautiful choice of stains this is our customers favorite dining set.

Nadine Dining Set by South Sea Rattan

Nadine Dining Set by South Sea Rattan comes in Willow and Cinnamon Stain

Bridgeport Dining Set with Casters on Swivel Chairs

The Bridgeport Caster Dining Set uses the most relaxing dining chair we’ve ever made. Select baby rattan is hand woven inside a reinforced rattan frame to provide unrivaled comfort. Marine plywood seats are united with complete wood screw construction in the rattan frame. The plush, tailored cushions and captivating design of this enduring set make lingering over meals a common occurrence. Comes with a 42 Inch Squared-Round Glass Top and the Sienna stain as shown. Choose the fabric you like and upgrade to a larger glass top if you prefer.

Bridgeport Rattan 6 Pc Sienna Stain Caster Dining Set by Alexander and Sheriden

Bridgeport Rattan 6 Pc Sienna Stain Caster Dining Set by Alexander and Sheriden

Just like most of our dining sets you can select larger glass top options for your set.

Grand Isle Dining Set by Classic Rattan (Made in the USA)

The Grand Isle dining set is one of our most popular collections and the choice of so many designers. Choose from a wide variety of stains and fabrics. You can’t go wrong with the endless options.

Grand Isle Dining Set by Classic Rattan

Classic Rattan Grand Isle Dining Set is Made in the USA

Stone and Wood Table Tops are available with the Grand Isle.

Bermuda Dining Set by South Sea Rattan

The classic grace of natural rattan and wicker lives on in the Bermuda dining set collection. Choose from Pecan or Whitewash finishes, in an array of seating, dining and accent pieces.

Bermuda Dining Set 5 Pc Set With 4 Captains Chairs 1421SET2 by South Sea Rattan (Whtewash or Pecan Stain) FREE SHIPPING

At no extra cost you can choose your own fabrics for any of these great looking and IN-STOCK indoor rattan dining sets


Please give our experts a call as needed: 1-888-265-4695

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it gave you new ideas for decorating your home.

by Mark Mosher, aka, “RATTANMAN(TM)”

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