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Liberty Whitewash Bakers Rack 3600
The Liberty is a very good quality group at a great price. The Liberty is made of all natural rattan and wicker making it the perfect traditional Tropical Dining. You have a nice choice of cushions here. The pricing is excellent for such nice heavy and large dining all natural wood furniture. Decorate your entire home with the many accent pieces available and free shipping for all purchases of $1000 and more! Manufacturer photos don't convey the real beauty.
Bakers Rack

Item #



Whitewash Finish

3600-BAKRK Bakers Rack

31.5"w x 15"d x 73 "h


View the Matching Items and Sets - Click Photo for Larger Size
SET 1 - Round Dining Set with 4 Arm Chairs
SET 2 - Round Dining Set with 4 Side Chairs (No Photo Available)
SET 3 - Oval Dining Set with 4 Side and 2 Arm Chairs

SET 4 - Honey Moon Sets (All stains shown)

SET 5 - 3-Piece Seating set (shown in Natural Finish)

TV Cabinet

Backless Counter and Bar Stool

Swivel Counter and Bar Stool

Nested Tables

Magazine Table

Magazine Rack

Sofa/Console Table w/Glass Top

Coffee Table w/Glass Top

End Table w/Glass Top

Matching and Suggested Items


Matching Dining Set in Liberty Stain
MODEL NUMBER: 3600 (American Wicker)
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MATERIALS: Wood and Wicker
Shipping Rates and Policy
SHIPPING NOTE: Free Shipping on Purchases of $1000.00 or More

SET 1 - 6-PC SET INCLUDES: 4 Ea. Dining Arm Chairs, Round Table Base, with 42 Inch Beveled Round Glass
Regular Price $1495.00
Sale Price $849.00
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Whitewash Finish

Add your choice of cushions

SET 2 - 6-PC SET INCLUDES: 4 Ea. Dining Side Chairs, Round Table Base, with 42 Inch Round Beveled Glass
Regular Price $1395.00
Sale Price $759.00
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Whitewash Finish

Add your choice of cushions

SET 3 - 8-PC SET INCLUDES: 4 Ea. Dining Side Chairs, 2 Arm Chairs, Oval Table Base, with 62 Inch x 42" Oval Beveled Glass
Regular Price $1895.00
Sale Price $1349.00
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Whitewash Finish

Add your choice of cushions

SET 4 - 3-PC HONEYMOON SET INCLUDES: 2 Ea. Chairs, Oval Honeymoon Table, with 42 Inch Glass
Regular Price $795.00
Sale Price $389.00
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Whitewash Finish

Add your choice of cushions

SET 5 - 3-PC SEATING SET INCLUDES: 2 Ea. Side Chairs, Round Table with 36 Inch Round Glass
Regular Price $795.00
Sale Price $489.00
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Whitewash Finish

Add your choice of cushions

Item #



Whitewash Finish

3600-RTB Round Table with 42 Inch Round Glass

28"w x 29 "h x 42 Inch Glass


3600-AC Dining Arm Chair

24.5"w x 25 "d x 39 "h


Add Cushions

3600-SC Dining Side Chair

19.5"w x 22"d x 38 "h


Add Cushions

3600-BAKRK Bakers Rack

31.5"w x 15"d x 73 "h


3600-PTV Plasma TV Cabinet

40"w x 19"d x 33 "h


3600-BL-24 Backless Counter Stool

22.5"w x 24 "h


Add Cushions

3600-BL-30 Backless Counter Stool

22.5"w x 30 "h


Add Cushions

3600-BS-24 Swivel Counter Stool

21.5"w x 21.5 x 37" Seat Height 24 "h


Add Cushions

3600-BS-30 Swivel Bar Stool

21.5"w x 21.5 x 42.5 " Seat Height 30 "h


Add Cushions

3600-NEST Set of 3 Nested Tables

21"w x 17.5 "d x 21
18"w x 16"d x 19.25"
14.5"w x 14.75" x 17.5"h


3600-CON Console Table w/Glass

36"w x 15"d x 29 "h


3600-CTB Coffee Table w/Glass

47.5"w x 24"d x 16 "h


3600-END End Table w/Glass

28"w x 20"d x 21"h


3600-MAGTB Magazine Table

18"w x 13 "d x 23 "h


3600-MAGRK Magazine Rack

17.75"w x 9 "d x 16 "h



Finest Indoor Rattan and Wicker Liberty Whitewash 3600 Dining Collection from Summit Design Furniture

We also specialize in furnishing large commercial projects & larger discounts for :

The hand crafted art of building all-natural Rattan and Wicker furniture is an old and dying art. It is truly very special and should be treasured for a lifetime. Make sure your stain is correct, your fabric is right, and ask about our throw pillow options. Our knowledgeable crew of experts is ready to provide you personal assistance with a live person who can work with you at our toll-free number: 1-888-265-4695.

So what exactly is the difference between Rattan and Wicker? Rattan is the natural cane that grows in southeast Asia jungles. It is cleaned, dried, heated, and then molded to create beautiful and very durable furniture. Wicker is small strips of the natural Rattan cane and woven into beautiful furniture or in conjunction with the Rattan. Recently patio furniture stores are incorrectly calling outdoor synthetic woven furniture "Wicker". We sell this outdoor woven furniture as well but real Wicker will always be the beautiful all-natural hand woven furniture seen in our indoor collections. Some of our manufacturers still mold the Rattan and weave the Wicker right here in the U.S, and all of the upholstery work is done here. Our quality is unmatched and you can read what our customers are saying about our furniture. When you are deciding on the many fabric selections, stain options, Wicker and Rattan styles, and delivery options, don't leave it to chance.


#1 - LOW PRICE GUARANTEE. Provide a link to another company with a lower price on the same item and we will beat it by at least $5.00.
#2 - With our commitment to superior service we have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
#3 - Our daily coupon special is 10% Off orders of $1200 or more. Join our Wicker Club for more great promotions!
#4 - We have 12% Off specials when you buy a dining set and living room set from the same collection.
#5 - Shipping is free on any purchase of $1200 or more. (We also ship to Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, and the Caribbean)
#6 - We offer "Whitewash glove" delivery service upgrade where 2 men will carry your furniture into your home and set it up for you.
#7 - We provide many choices of island style fabrics, stains, and sizes. We will also send you free fabric swatches for your review.
#8 - We offer free rattan and wicker customizing services. You can adjust sizes and stains, or even have us build your own design.
#9 - We can meet your delivery schedules. For example; you need delivery on a certain date to your Florida home? We can do it.
#10 - We are adding American jobs and helping to build our economy. All of our upholstery work is done in the U.S. and some of our suppliers even build and manfacture the furniture here including: molding of the Rattan, sanding, staining, finishing, and upholstery.

How to Maintain Rattan Furniture and Other Types of Wicker Furniture

- Prevent dust buildup by using a feather duster or the soft brush attachment of a vacuum.
-Wipe the Rattan wicker furniture occasionally with a clean cloth dampened with water.

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