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9/7/16 - Fall Specials and Website Updates
by Mark Mosher, Founder and Web Designer

We decided to do a special promotion this fall unlike anything we have ever offered - free furniture. When a customer buys $1500 or more they will receive a choice of 5% off and a free furniture item or a straight 10% discount and no free furniture item. So far it seems to be a split with about half of our customers choosing a free item and half going for the larger 10% discount. For anyone interested in knowing what the free items are here are the links:
If you happen to read this article I highly recommend visiting the links above. Those furniture items and bedding sets make a fantastic free gift! I forgot to mention we offer free shipping for all orders over $1000 although we do have a Fuel Service Charge of 10% to western states. We have to charge the FSC because we ship from the manufacturers on the east coast and Florida and the shipping costs are double going to those western locations.

In reference to our website changes we are making some fairly major changes. We are now the registered trademark owners of the "Rattan Man" slogan. So to make him a bigger part of the website we are having him professionally designed. We are also going to cut back on our many, many pages of dining sets, living room sets, and bedroom sets, and go with a smaller cleaner look for those pages. If you have visited the site previously and prefer the old look we will have links to the previous versions of those pages.

In closing this post I would like to thank all of our customers for helping us to have a great summer here! August is normally a slower month but this year we were super busy and thank you again for your fantastic support!

Abaca Lodge Dining Room Set

 The design of a furniture collection is very important, and it can make or break the success of the group. If a design can combine 2 different styles into a tasteful look you have something even more interesting.. This is what the designers achieved with the Abaca Lodge Dining Room Set. The Abaca Lodge covers 2 different looks or styles and even 2 stain choices. On one hand, it can be very vintage and antique looking, which can provide an aged, refined style. And on the other hand, it has a regal design, with the right surroundings, it can become a dining area of royalty, bring a noble feel to the room. Which ever style you go with, do not forget that this set may also come in seagrass stain that can alter the look to match your specific needs.

Eating around the table is an important ritual. It brings families close, and also tightens ties, with family, friends, and even new acquaintances. So what would be important qualities to help facilitate this closeness? Simple enough, a round table helps. While a square table can match a pair of people face to face, and a rectangle can sit an entire family in a traditional way. A round table lets everyone face everyone else, no one is sitting in a way that they miss the opportunity to connect with someone else at the table. This complete cross table interaction is very important to the bonding experience of the everyday family dinner, and this set has just that. It has the round shape needed, and brings people close together, and with a clear glass table top, It almost opens up the entire area. A table worthy of family dinner every night.

The first style that is available for this design, is the antique look. A very mature and refined look, this style is sure to add a more eloquent feel to your home. To assist in the complete feel of the room, I would add a bookcase, full of books of course, and have the case be of similar stain. Now decorate the area with dark, pale colors. Nothing too grim, but just enough to keep the illusion of antiquity throughout the room. Now dimly light with either a vintage style lamp, or even candle light. This would be a very nice dining room.

Next option for style is a classy one. Unique in its own right, the regal look is sure to turn some heads. My preferred of the two, adding a royal look to your home. How to do this, simple, decorate and light differently, that's all it takes. Unlike the antique style, this room should be brightly lit, nothing too blinding, but you need everything to shine and be seen. Now add some color, royal color. Deep reds and purple, not dark, but not bright. Something sharp and very defined. Perhaps deep purple place mats with golden frills. Red cushions paired with roses on the table, just add some more gold to the surrounding area, but don't over do it. Just the right amount of color, gold, and lighting, and you and your family will feel like royalty in no time.

This is a nice set, very versatile, but what if you already have a dining room? Still want the royal or aged feel? No worries, this set also has a very stylish writing desk. I simply love this desk, with its little drawers, and beautiful stone top. Any desk chair will do. There is also the option for some bar stools. These options add even more flexibility to this already accommodating set.

With its defined styling and strong characteristics the Abaca Lodge is a very respectable set. Don't just stop at the set alone, whatever you decide to get, why not get some throw pillows to go along with it. Thanks to the wide array of fabrics, these throw pillows can match or accent anything. Over all, I really like this set, it grabbed my attention almost immediately, and when set up nicely in your house, it will do the same with both family and guests. So go on, add some character to your dining room.


Written by

Devin Kirchgassner

The Saint Tropez Outdoor Nested Dining

 Most outdoor furniture is beautiful, and some outdoor furniture is convenient, however the Saint Tropez dining set embodies both. With a sophisticated image, paired with its ability to pack away into a nice cube, this set is amazing. Wicker furniture tends to be some of the most beautiful and interesting furniture, both inside and out, but this set has to be my favorite. No matter what kind of space you are working with, I can promise you, there is room for this. Not only does its size fit almost anywhere, but the colors fit almost anywhere as well, a dark espresso stain paired with beige cushions, I can't help but label this set as a “Ebony and Ivory”, “Espresso and Vanilla”, or a simple “Black and White.” There is truly no doubting this dining sets versatility.

Since we are on the topic of nicknames, how about this one. The “Patio Transformer.” It may not be the best nickname, but by far the most accurate. Not only does it pack away like a transformer, but it transforms your patio or terrace into a work of modern art. When I say pack away, I mean just that. Each chair with its accompanying ottoman pack away nicely. The 3 cushions on top of the chair, squaring off the top, then just slide the ottoman under the chair, and we have a cube. After doing this four times, you can slide all four cubes right under the table, creating one big, super convenient cube. Now that's nice. Not only is it easy to put away, but its easy to clean! Just hose down the wicker parts, no need to fear of rust, for the aluminum frames are rust resistant. Now just spot clean the cushions and you're all set. As I said, rust resistant aluminum frames keep it safe from the weather, now throw Sunbrella UV resistant cushion covers, and you have perfect protection from nature.

Living in a city? An apartment with a nice balcony or terrace would benefit from the set, especially with it's edgy modern style. What else would go well with it? Keep it simple. Solid colors for start. Maybe a few red pillows, now add a cherry red vase to the table, and you will create a very classy look, with wonderful accents. The possibilities are limitless, all you have to do is have a favorite color. Of course space might be an issue, usually, but not with this set, its square dimensions and easy nesting allows it to fit almost anywhere.

A fancy high end coffee shop may also benefit from this set. The espresso color is obviously a great match, but how about that beige. Nice pair of colors, reminds me of a latte. Sitting in on of these with a couple of friends, just enjoying the aroma of the coffee house would be splendid. Or maybe you want to keep it at home, with your own personal cup of joe. This is not a bad idea either, relaxing in the mornings, or maybe in the afternoons when its time to sit down and enjoy a book with some tea. No matter where this set is, you can expect comfort, flexibility, and style.

This set is amazing in every way. I love the colors, so beautiful and modern, and easy to pair with virtually any décor. Of course style isn't all. The fact that this set can nest away into its own little cube is nothing short of awesome. Hands down one of my personal favorites. Now how can this get any better? How about free shipping within 3 days of order? Nice deal, why not add 10% off, just enter offer code WICKER 10 at check out. Style: Check, Versatility: Check, Deals: Check. I can't think of any reason to not get this set!


Written by

Devin Kirchgassner

Carolina Living Room Collection

 We all love our living rooms and sunrooms. We love getting together in them, and enjoying each other’s company. So why not have a pleasant living room, a place that takes you to a peaceful, relaxing, calm atmosphere. The Carolina living room set helps create this calming environment. It’s also very comfortable to lounge and relax in and at the same time the looks are very appealing. Soft colors come with the natural stain, not too dark, not to bright. Overall this collection is just right.

What makes the Carolina so comfortable? Some would say the cushions, and some would say the throw pillows. I'd say it's all in the design. The Carolina incorporates a curved, round ends style that provides a sense of quality and grace. When it comes to being peaceful, lounging is important, and shape plays an important role. You need curves to lay into. Leave the sharp arms behind, because the Carolina has arms that roll down to the legs. Now that's comfort.

How about watching a movie! The Carolina offers a nice pair, or more, of theater seats! How else should you watch a movie, then in chairs specifically designed to watch movies. Notice the charts on the Carolina page? You can have these chairs set up in quite a few different arrangements. Now just set that plasma TV stand on a matching hutch.

Not a home theater person? That's fine. Leave out the chairs and hutch. Simply place this set facing a nice, big window and create your own natural beauty with the sun shining on the natural stained Rattan frames. As cool breezes come in its like living on a beach. You can add any fabric you like for the cushions but how about a nice blue to match the ocean color. Now how about some throw pillows, another light blue or light brown should do the trick. Decorate with some sea shells you found outside, or some boat knickknacks. Now you have created a sea shore experience in your own home.

Undoubtedly, there’s a sense of antique look about this style. Reminds me of visiting my family when I was younger. A nice suburban home could use a set like this. Fitting almost perfectly into any home, due to the natural stain and almost limitless color options. Whatever your color scheme for your living room is, this can match it. Go with some bright yellows and eggshell color to keep with the pleasant pale. Or maybe some greens and blues with pretty patterns on it. As I said, the natural stain can match almost any color combination.

All in all, this is a great choice when choosing sunroom or living room furniture. Relaxing to look at, relaxing to lounge in, and relaxing to buy. So many options for pieces of this collection, you can fit any style. All you have to do is enter the coupon codes, WICKER10 for any order over $1000 for a 10% discount! That's just the sofa! Speaking of the sofa, it comes with 2 throw pillows of your choice. Why not grab two more to compliment or contrast?

If you plan on getting a lot of the set, have no fear. Enter in offer code WICKER15 for 15% off any order over $3000. Both offers also give you free shipping. Now that's a deal! Saving money, and getting the calm and peaceful set? I'd say that's relaxation.

Written by Devin Kirchgassner

December 23, 2014

Palm Coast Living Room Chaise Lounge by Capris Furniture
The mighty living room, a place where family and friends meet, eat, talk, lounge, and above all, bond. When it comes to living rooms, no other room in the house has such a diverse selection of furniture. At the end of a long day, whether its to get together and watch your favorite shows, or just sit around and talk together, the family meets in the living room. From the parents to the young teenagers and even the little ones. All different, luckily, the living space provides many seats. Whether its your teenage princess lounging on the chaise, or the little kids sitting together, playing on the couch, maybe your brother-in-law sitting in the comfortable chair watching the game, you name it, the living room has it. So much personality, so much life, your family is full of it, why not give them diverse seating? With the Palm Coast Chaise Lounge, you can say you have it all. Everyone has sofas and chairs, but a chaise lounge is unique. Why not bring even more personality to your living space with this classic day-bed.

It's night time, about eight o'clock. Everyone in the house has settled down. The television is flashing while the little ones are watching their favorite cartoon before bedtime. Your teenager is flipping through a magazine while listening to some music on ear buds. But you, you're relaxing, kicked back in your luxurious lounge. Winding down for the day was never so easy, you're sitting, but you're laying at the same time. Propped up so you can see and connect with your family, but stretched out laying down, relaxing after a long day.

Whether its the beat of waves in your backyard, or the sound of wind whistling through the fields, or trees, this piece is sure to bring peace to it all. Long day? Hitting around three o'clock? Why not take a quick break on this mental cruise to the realm of no worries. This is a chair for people who want to relax, and who doesn't want to relax? You work hard, you live life, why not treat yourself to something that can put you in a good place, put you in a place where relaxing is top priority.

Time for some adjustments to the place? Want to add something else to the house, or just the living room? Well you wont go wrong with classical. The chaise lounge has roots way back to the Classic Britain, Roman, and even Egyptian. And no other piece will fit your decor. Whether you toss a throw blanket over the side, or a throw pillow or two, it will be no challenge as this fits right into your home. The styles available are sure to be just what you need. You can choose between two stains, Weathered Natural and Vintage Antique. Weathered Natural gives that light relaxed feeling, while the Vintage Antique gives a deep, soothing feel. Both can go well with any colors, or any surrounding. Next you get to pick the cushion colors and designs.

Living in a barren, or desert area? Nice a spacious, not a lot of people, warming sun all around you. Go with a Weathered Natural stain, pair it with a dark or dusty red. Maybe a floral pattern? Or just some pretty designs. Rust walls, or other faded red colors, and your living room is sure to fit right in. A nice big window and you'll feel like your not even inside.

Looking for something classic, well this is the chair. How about going with the Vintage Antique stain, and a light blue cushion for contrast. Add in a deep brown throw blanket on it. Now you have one of my favorite color pairs. This room is sure to put you on the shore, no matter where you are. Keep going with the deep browns, and light blues, maybe add a few sand ornaments, and add a picture or two of boats and lighthouses. Before you know it you are breathing the salty air every time you lay back and take a deep breath.

This is it, the piece of furniture you've been waiting for. Bring that classic, relaxed style to your home. What goes better with the Palm Coast chaise lounge? A sofa to be its lengthy twin. You wont be paying much seeing how these two mirror each other in price, as well as comfort. Buying the sofa as well will get you 2 free 19 inch throw pillows, matching the fabric you chose. Now just get some accent pillows, and you can bring any room to life in just the way your family does!

Written by Devin Kirchgassner, November 16, 2014

9-7-14 Rattan and Wicker Furniture - The Perfect Choice for Every Room of your Home

When we think of decorating our indoor spaces with Rattan and Wicker furniture we tend to focus on the enclosed porch or extended family room. This makes perfect sense of course because we usually want to create a warm inviting feeling in those rooms and no other furniture works better to do just.

This beautiful furniture also works wonders for bedrooms. With its natural flowing lines and woven patterns it will provide a warm, tropical feeling. If white Wicker is chosen you can create a stunning, room with its bright and clean appearance. We offer all of the bedroom pieces you could want including complete beds with side and cross rails, dressers, night stands, armoires, 3 drawer and 5 drawer chests, and all the necessary headboards in the size you need.

Another room where Rattan and Wicker furniture is often overlooked is the kitchen or dining room. We usually equate this type of furniture as being too rustic for a formal dining area. With’s unbeatable selection of dining sets you can find the perfect set for both your formal or informal settings. We also carry dining sets in the 4 seater, 6 seater, and even honeymoon sets for 2 people. Most sets come with your choice of glass size, choice of stain, and many fabrics for you to choose from.

Even though we often overlook the bedroom and dining areas of our homes for Rattan furniture there is another room that is even more often ignored – the home or business office. I would say that Rattan and Wicker furniture makes the perfect furniture for your home office. It’s built from solid wood, Rattan, and Wicker and the inviting comfortable appeal makes it a joy to go to work each day. offers office suites where we offer all the office furniture you need. This includes computer cabinets, computer desks, computer hutches, printer cabinets, filing cabinets, corner units, matching chairs, and writing desks.

Rattan and Wicker furniture has continued to gain in popularity in the United States, South America, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands. From northern woodlands to southern and eastern shores, and tropical beaches, people are decorating more and more often with beautiful Rattan. We offer free shipping to all of the 48 CONUS states (some western states have a fuel service charge), and we provide reasonable shipping rates to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, all of the Caribbean and Canada.

Enjoy browsing our huge selections at and make note of the collections you like. For a quick shipping quote, or for other information give us a call toll-free at 1-888-265-4695 or email us at: Our representatives are knowledge and friendly and will provide you excellent service.

Written by Mark Mosher, Founder

8-8-14 Solid Rattan & Wicker Furniture Delivery Method - Why its so Important

In our current world of instant gratification its hard to imagine waiting beyond a few days for anything. The mantra "I want it and I want it now" is how most of us have been told is how the world should work. For small UPS'able items this usually works. But when it comes to shipping fully assembled, solid wood and Rattan furniture having more patience pays huge dividends.

The biggest fear anyone should have when ordering furniture online from any company is "will it arrive to my home without damages?" When you place an order for this type of furniture be sure to ask how it will be delivered. If the company tells you it will come to you via Common Carrier or Freight that is your "red flag" that a very high chance of damages will be incurred. The reason for this is that common carriers treat furniture as if it was "regular freight". This means they will load and unload at various terminal points via forklift and when they deliver it to your home it will be dropped on a pallet in your driveway! Even if the furniture isn't destroyed chances are there will be dings and scratches.

At American Rattan & Wicker we ship most furniture orders via "specialty furniture delivery companies" that only load your furniture one time and they do it with a team of men and not forklifts. After scheduling a truck load for a route that goes through the customers area they call and schedule a timeframe for delivery. Of course the truck needs to be full to be routed so it can take extra time to fill a truck. When they unload at your home 2 men will carefully unload and unwrap your furniture and if you have chosen a white glove delivery they will carry the furniture into your home and place it where you want it to go.

Since 2002 we have been shipping solid wood furniture all over the United States and beyond. We have tried every conceivable method of shipping including common carrier. Its very true that Common Carrier shipping is faster because they move from terminal to terminal until they arrive at a local terminal in your area. But please believe me that the extra couple of weeks to wait for our specialty deliver companies are very much worth your wait. We do ship some bedroom furniture via freight because in many cases it is pre-boxed in preparation for that style of movement and in most cases does okay with freight delivery. In any case, if there are damages we will take care of them for you from small scratches that require some touch up to a totally damaged item that needs to be replaced.
Written by Mark Mosher, Founder


“ Offers Top-Quality Wicker Furniture”

The art of building wicker furniture is as old as the Egyptian Pharaohs who were buried with various wicker furniture items, such as chair seats, stools, headboards, and more. Later the Romans were inspired by Egyptian wicker furniture, and they also incorporated it as one of their methods of furniture building techniques.

Rattan and Wicker furniture production began in the United States In 1844. A 33-year-old grocer by the name of Cyrus Wakefield, collected an armful of the discarded rattan that had been abandoned at Constitution Wharf in Boston. Wakefield took notice on how flexible the cane was and an idea struck him. Could the cane be wrapped to produce furniture? Wakefield was not a furniture maker by trade but he still bent the rattan to produce a chair. He saw the infinite potential of the material and quit his grocer job to pursue the rattan and cane idea full time and a new American industry was born . Wakefield Rattan Company had fierce competition from another furniture maker, Heywood Brothers Company of Gardner, Massachusetts. Their rivalry from the 1870's through the late 1890's would mark the period known as The Golden Age of Wicker, as both furniture designers created increasingly exotic and elaborate wicker pieces. Their originality and craftsmanship were unparalleled. After sometime, they merged in order to dominate the market supply of wicker furniture, and continued to work together for quite a few decades. Wicker was considered more hygienic than upholstered furniture and was used for maternity furniture, such as bassinets, cribs and low-slung nursing chairs.

Florida, US – is one such online shopping website that is providing high quality wicker furniture across United States, at considerably lower prices. Since its creation in 2002, its founder - Mark Mosher, has been striving to provide the finest quality of furnishings, be it indoor rattan or outdoor wicker furniture. They also offer beautiful indoor wicker furniture at affordable rates. Call their toll-free line at: 1-888-265-4695 or visit the website – for any information, regarding indoor rattan and wicker furniture. You can also visit www., in order to check their outdoor wicker selection. Ranging from dining sets, conversation sets, bedroom sets, coffee table, bar stools, chairs, sectionals, ottomans, sofas, and TV cabinets to nightstands, and rocking chairs, they offer a huge collection of patio furniture.

A spokesperson at said – "Get 10 to 15% off your order and free shipping by signing up for our Wicker Club on both our indoor and outdoor websites".

Therefore, if you wish to enhance the look of your outdoor or indoor spaces, have a look at – .


“Decorate Your Indoor Spaces with All-Natural Rattan and Wicker Style Furniture”

Rattan also known as “Cane” is a natural vine that grows in Southeast Asian jungles. The Rattan or Cane poles as they are referred can be soaked in water and heated and then molded into various styles and designs of furniture. The term “Wicker” comes from the process of peeling strips of Rattan off the natural cane poles. It can be stripped in various sizes and thickness according to the design of the furniture being built. The word ‘Wicker’ originated from Scandinavia, but the use of woven furniture has its origins since the times of Egyptian Pharaohs. Wicker furniture has been used since the 17 th and 18 th century in both England and America, while it became immensely popular in the 70’s. And the reason it gained popularity is that it is light and sturdy while requiring very little or no maintenance. Speaking of popular the Rattan Ranch collection is one of our most popular collections.

Rattan and Wicker furniture is so popular because of its unique and interesting look. It’s also so versatile that furniture can be built from it for every room of your home. Homeowners, designers, apartment dwellers, and resorts and hotels are using natural Rattan and Wicker furniture for many if not all of their decorating projects. Design your home with wicker furniture and you give it a unique and tropical makeover. Visit our site for a great selection of Rattan and Wicker furniture in a variety of styles, stains and fabrics.

There is no limit to the rooms you can furnish with furniture. We offer furniture ranging from wicker chairs, coffee tables, sofa, barstools, arm chairs, end tables, sofa sleepers, TV cabinets, bed & bedroom sets, armoires, dresser and nightstands, offers a huge variety of indoor wicker furniture.

As far as decorating trends go Rattan and Wicker furniture never goes out of style. Its unique, durable, and seems to always be the center of attention. It transforms the whole aura of a place, while eliminating the need for replacing furniture for a very long time.

Boring laminated mass produced furniture is usually crude and tasteless and whatever it was that attracted a person to buy it in the first place soon wears off. At, you will get the best possible furniture styles and expert assistance at the lowest prices.

One of the biggest draws to our company and furniture is that some United States manufacturers still mold raw cane and mold it into beautiful furniture right here in the U.S.! Look for our Classic Rattan and Stanley Furniture lines as examples of U.S. made Rattan and Wicker furniture. For further information on indoor wicker furniture visit, and give our experts a call at – 1-888-265-4695. Go through our collections on –

"America's Premier Supplier of Tropical Furniture" is the premier supplier of high quality Tropical and Island Furniture in the United States. We have shipping locations throughout the country and some of their factories in the United States are still building tropical furniture today. We have always had the goal of providing high quality Rattan and Wicker furniture at the lowest prices available. Our Internet division has become the fastest growing area and when you visit our online store, you will understand why. Our factories build very fine furniture in high class wicker and rattan styles. We also offer delivery by white glove shippers that get your order to you in excellent shape. These carriers will carry the furniture into your home and place it where you need it to go.

Most of the raw cane, wicker, and rattan originates from Southeast Asia but much of the manufacturing is still done by hand here in American factories such as our Classic Rattan and Stanley Chair lines. America was the first country to mass produce rattan furniture and this production of wicker began in the 1840's. At American Rattan, you will find the tropical and Island furniture you want at the lowest possible prices. Our high quality tropical rattan and wicker is also available in All Weather choices that you can use outdoors in full sunlight. Or, you can find sets or individual pieces that will let you decorate any room of your home completely or just provide accents that will compliment what you already have in the area. There is truly something for everyone at American Rattan.

You can create the ambience of the islands with the easy to follow online furniture catalogs. Take a little time and read over our Testimonials where you will get an idea of how happy our customers are with their purchases. And don't forget to sign up for our Wicker Club where you will find great deals such as coupons that provide you 10% and 15% off your purchase. If you are interested in the history of wicker, you will find that at their online site as well. Many people see wicker as being a low quality type of furniture that has a feminine quality to it. However, the high quality pieces you will find at are available in many styles. Made of high quality solid wood and rattan, these are some of the finest choices you can make in furniture.

Tropical and Island furniture is available for all parts of your home, as well as many accessories. If you have any questions about the Tropical or Island furniture at, just give us a call at 1-888-265-4695. In addition to the conventional furniture choices, you will also find that we carry a great selection of hard to find accessory items. Choose from the many styles of cabinets, screens, and more. TV carts and magazine racks make great accent pieces to your living room or den. Whatever you are looking for in wicker and rattan, you are sure to find it at You will also be sure to get the lowest price, best quality, and the versatility you need for your decorating needs.

American Ingenuity Spawns a New Industry

Wicker and Rattan furniture as a commercial industry was created in America and not in Asia as many assume. The American production of wicker furniture began in the 1840's. This occured after the Chinese opened a number of treaty ports to foreign trade. Clipper ships would leave China bound for America with a variety of goods. Raw cane rattan was used as dunnage to secure the cargo and prevent shifting. This raw cane would then be discarded and left at the docks on America's east coast. One day in 1844, a 33-year-old grocer by the name of Cyrus Wakefield, collected an armful of the discarded rattan that had been abandoned at Constitution Wharf in Boston. Wakefield took notice on how flexible the cane was and an idea struck him. Could the cane be wrapped to produce furniture? Wakefield was not a furniture maker by trade but he still bent the rattan to produce a chair. He saw the infinitie potential of the material and quit his grocer job to pursue the rattan and cane idea full time..

To start his business Wakefield traded the raw rattan to basket makers and furniture manufacturers. The manufacturers used just the outer cane to weave chair seats and backs. In 1855, Wakefield and his wife left Boston and moved to South Reading, Massachusetts. There he established the Wakefield Rattan Company. He continued to sell the imported rattan throughout the United States and he continued to experiment with wicker furniture. Bending oak or hickory into flowing shapes, the frames were filled with ornate rattan patterns and wrapped with split cane.
Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Wakefield realized the reed or inner pith of the whole rattan plant had tremendous flexibility, enabling him to create ornate, Victorian designs. Throughout the 1860's the Wakefield Rattan Company cornered the market on the wicker furniture industry. From 1865-1880, the majority of wicker furniture was made for indoor use, although it was becoming fashionable as garden and porch furniture. A businessman and investor, Wakefield's generosity also matched his success. He would donate both the money and the land for construction of the South Reading town hall and in 1868, the citizens of South Reading voted to rename their town Wakefield in his honor.

Wakefield Rattan Company had fierce competition from another furniture maker, Heywood Brothers Company of Gardner, Massachusetts. Their rivalry from the 1870's through the late 1890's would mark the period known as The Golden Age of Wicker, as both furniture designers created increasingly exotic and elaborate wicker pieces. Their originality and craftsmanship were unparalleled.

In 1897 the Wakefield Rattan Co. merged with the firm of Heywood Bros. and for the next two decades this newly formed company all but monopolized sales of quality wicker furniture. As the 1900's progressed, Victorian and Art-Nouveau designs were considered increasingly gauche. Angular European designs began to curry favor and the Arts and Crafts movement took hold. The Gustav Stickley Company of Eastwood, New York began creating no-nonsense Mission-style furniture in oak and willow. 

In response to this new trend, the Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company began to produce similar designs in 1905, but with added features such as built-in footrests and magazine holders. By the 1920's there was a marked increase in the number of wicker items available. Besides settees, rockers, dining sets and occasional tables, items included phonograph stands, tea carts, smoking stands, floor and table lamps, planters, blanket chests, china cabinets, baby buggies, desks and sewing cabinets.

You would be surprised to know that there are still manufacturers here in the U.S.A that build wicker and rattan furniture. There are only a few but its nice to know we have kept that expertise here in America and of course keep those jobs here as well. You will note the American made items on our site with the MADE IN USA label. And as you might expect a lot of the manufacturing is also done in the Philippines, Indonesia, and China.Wakefield's early designs still form the basic framework of ideas used in today's Rattan and Wicker furniture.

Home of American Rattan and Wicker

Did you know?

* Conversation chairs (an S-shaped wicker sofa) allowed 19th century courting couples to sit face-to-face without touching.

* The airier look of wicker at the turn of the 20th century was largely due to rising costs in labor and increases in tariffs on imported rattan. This economical style of open weaving is most often found on chaise lounges and armchairs, designed for use by hotels. Manufacturers named these products after well-known resort areas, including Bar Harbor, Southampton and Newport. Today, open weave wicker of this period is usually referred to as Bar Harbor.

Sunroom set example of a Wakefield Bar Harbor design still in use today:


Wicker Furniture Yesterday and Today

Have you noticed the thousands of websites now advertising wicker furniture for your outdoor patio? When I first went into the furniture business in 1999 there was one category that "Wicker furniture" belonged to. It was in the all-natural category of furniture being hand-woven from the strips of natural Rattan or Cane. This all-natural Wicker furniture was built and intended to be used inside the home as it would mold, fade, and eventually rot when placed outdoors in the elements. Wicker remained an indoor natural product until just a few years ago when it was re-branded as outdoor patio furniture. Manufacturers and retailers are now marketing Wicker as an all-weather product woven from man-made synthetic resin fibers. There are two very important factors that caused this re-branding and change of category for Wicker furniture. First, there is a supply issue with naturally growing Rattan in southeast Asia. The only country with sustainable large commercial tracts of Rattan is Indonesia. That means that manufacturers in countries like China and the Philippines must import the natural product before they can manufacture it into furniture. This lack of availability greatly limits how much manufacturing can be achieved or sustained because of factors including trade restrictions and price controls. Another reason this re-branding occurred is that manufacturers (especially in China) have access to a never ending supply of man-made synthetics. But they had a marketing problem. Most people (including myself) do not imagine synthetic man-made resin as a very desirable furniture. On the other hand Wicker furniture is an American tradition and is always thought of as unique and beautiful. So, what these manufacturers and industry leaders here did was re-brand outdoor synthetically woven furniture as "Wicker furniture". And like it or not it has been an unbelievable success with thousands of companies now advertising Wicker furniture for your patio or garden. Whether you like the traditional indoor wicker or prefer the man-made synthetic wicker you can find any of this wonderful furniture at American Rattan & Wickers online website at:
We have been in the tropical furniture industry since 1999. Our company mission has always been to provide the highest quality furniture at the lowest prices, with excellent, customer service. We have proven we accomplish this goal with our A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Visit our website or give us a call at 1-888-265-4695 and discuss all of the stains, fabrics, and designs available with our experts who truly know their product.

Rattan and Wicker furniture is an original American craftsman tradition dating from early in the 19th century. In the 1840's Cyrus Wakefield started the first Rattan furniture company in South Reading, Massachusetts. Watch American craftsmen build Classic Rattan furniture right here in the U.S.A factory!
Buyer's Guide to Wicker and Rattan Living Room Furniture
If you are shopping for new living room furniture, our website is able to offer the widest selection of all natural, wicker living room furniture in beautifully handcrafted designs. We provide the living room furniture with a warm and tropical islands feel. If you are under the impression that wicker furniture is only suitable as outdoor furniture, a visit to our website will certainly change your mind. You will be more than impressed with the stunning collections of wicker living room furniture which can be purchased via our website or by calling our experts at 1-888-265-4695. We have always strived to be the largest supplier of indoor Rattan and Wicker furniture and our simple to navigate website design is key to that achievement. We are determined to make certain that all items of furniture; whether its a single wicker living room chair, or a complete wicker living room suite or bar, are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

When properly cared for our furniture will last a lifetime. Just keep it out of the weather elements, and high humidity, and occassionally wipe it with a damp cloth for cleaning and it will provide years of pleasure. Wicker furniture is one of the oldest kinds of natural furniture. Rattan is a solid timber vine which has been handcrafted to produce the various types of tropical furniture and strips of Wicker are sliced from the vine to add the intricate weave to the furniture. Rattan is grown in Southeast Asia. Our Wicker and Rattan living room furniture is both durable and comfortable and perhaps one of the most unique aspects of wicker living room furniture is that it can be used equally well in a formal sitting room, or in a family room. In order to best appreciate the fine quality of American Rattan's wicker living room furniture, feel free to browse the website at

When you join our Wicker Club you will be given access to our coupon codes which will give you prices that are far lower than any you will find anywhere else on the same items. And we even guarantee this with our Low Price Guarantee. To best care for wicker is too simply wipe down the furniture with a damp clothing and regular dusting with a soft feather duster is all that is needed to ensure that the wicker living room furniture remains in excellent condition. And as mentioned earlier always keep all natural Wicker and Rattan out of the weather elements. Generally the wicker living room furniture will need little maintenance, save for the occasional wipe down.

Those who have purchased a wicker living room set or an occasion chair from American Rattan & Wicker are always more than impressed with the quality and it shows in their extensive testimonials. The wicker living room collection includes, lounge sofas, lounge chairs, ottomans, loveseats as well as matching coffee tables and television cabinets, So thank you for visiting and please enjoy browsing our endless collections of fine Rattan and Wicker living room furniture.. Here is our very popular Plantation model -

Buyer's Guide to Rattan Bedroom Furniture

If you are looking for rattan bedroom furniture, making use of the furniture and services of American Rattan, one of the biggest suppliers of rattan furniture, makes perfect sense. We offer a wide range of single rattan bedroom items, such as nightstands and upright chests, as well as complete rattan bedroom furniture sets, which include the rattan headboards, mirrors, nightstands and dressers. Our range of rattan bedroom furniture is offered in various shades, and each of the sets is able to provide unique appeal. The Santa Cruz white rattan bedroom suite is certainly one of the most popular of our rattan bedroom furniture range and in a striking white color, it is the perfect choice for a guest room - or a main bedroom. When the Santa Cruz white rattan bedroom suite was created, it was designed to offer the ultimate in beauty and like all the other rattan bedroom suites offered on the site, this suite has been crafted to perfection, and all of the drawers of the dresser have been made using metal rollers and slides, which cater for easy sliding. The suite is available in twin, queen and king size and the five drawer chest with glass top certainly adds compliment to the complete all-white rattan bedroom suite.

Rattan furniture is one of the oldest types of all natural furniture, and to this day, it still is able to allure home decorators who are looking for pieces of furniture that are different and unusual. When buyers have decided on a particular rattan bedroom suite, we provide a number of matching accessories which will add to the appeal of the rattan bedroom suite, such as shoe storage, and many different chests. In order to appreciate the quality of American Rattan's rattan bedroom furniture, please take a moment to go through the American Rattan website at, and in addition to the all white rattan bedroom suite, we offer suites in various hues, like the Valencia bedroom suite in a dark, warm color. There are a number of styles and shades available, and because we are one of the biggest suppliers of rattan bedroom suites, chairs, patio sets and accessories, our prices are usually far lower than many of our competitors.

We have posted hints and tips for caring for the rattan bedroom furniture; however, in general, this type of furniture is virtually maintenance-free and is able to retain its great looks for a lifetime of use. To find out more about how to order a rattan bedroom suite, as well as the shipping polices, feel free to browse our website. American Rattan will also give rattan bedroom furniture buyers an incredible 10 to 15 percent off their orders of $1000 or more and we provide free shipping for that size purchase as well. No matter which room you are furnishing, be it an outdoor patio, a bedroom, living room or dining room, you will find that our range of rattan furniture is extensive and our prices are very reasonable. Here is a link to our very popular Tahiti Bedroom collection:.


rattan and wicker furniture
Rattan and Wicker furniture is an original American craftwork tradition dating from early in the 19th century. In the 1840's Cyrus Wakefield started the first Rattan furniture company in South Reading, Massachusetts. Classic Rattan furniture is still built by hand right here in America as shown in video below.

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How to Maintain Rattan Furniture and Other Types of Wicker Furniture
- Prevent dust buildup by using a feather duster or the soft brush attachment of a vacuum.
-Wipe the Rattan wicker furniture occasionally with a cloth dampened with water and a mild household cleaner.

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