Classic Rattan 8 Pc Dining Sets with Seating for Family and Guests

Classic Rattan 8 Pc Dining Sets with Seating for Family and Guests

These In-Stock Dining Sets Seat 8 People for those Holiday and Family Gatherings –

  • As time moves on and away from the Covid Pandemic more and more families and friends are gathering for large meals again. These times have been missed but just like everything else its come time to reunite with loved ones, and friends. Whether its a birthday celebration or the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays it will be good to once again come together and enjoy great meals and kinship like we did prior to Covid.
  • Classic Rattan dining sets are in high demand for many reasons and here are just a few of them. First of all they are Made in the USA! This is the first and biggest reason people look to these collections as their first choice for rustic and tropical style dining sets. They can also be custom stained and upholstered in custom fabrics so they fit both your personal tastes and decor of your home and room.
  • The dining sets we feature here are some In-Stock Classic Rattan sets that are very popular and very beautiful as well. Enjoy browsing the Riviera, the Caliente, and the Walnut Grove dining sets that people always love so much.

Classic Rattan offers the Most Popular Collections in Custom Dining Sets and these are In-Stock and Ready to Ship!

Classic Rattan is our go-to manufacturer when it comes to finding in-stock and all natural Rattan and Wicker furniture items and sets. They offer very beautiful furniture options for your bedroom, kitchen, sunroom, and living room areas. Classic Rattan also allows you to choose both a custom stain and a custom fabric for every indoor furniture item you choose.


Riviera 8 Pc Rattan and Wicker Dining Set

Large 8 Pc Seating dining sets are perfect for the holidays where more people than usual need seating for bigger family meal times. These sets are gorgeous and can be customized with your choice of stains and fabrics that fit your tastes and personal decor preferences. The Riviera 8 Pc Dining Set comes with Nice and huge table top and 72 Inch Surfboard glass top! Its a truly stunning set that you will keep in your family forever.

Riviera Rattan Wicker Coffee Table from Classic Rattan Model 4144G

Caliente All Natural Rattan and Wicker Dining Set and Bar Stools

Imagine a home with contemporary upholstered furniture in the living room. Then as you transition to the dining room you find this gorgeous Caliente dining set. This transition is the perfect description of a contemporary home that is enhanced with the use of Rattan and Wicker furniture. The Caliente dining set comes with your choice of stains and fabrics so you create it according to your design preferences. Like all of Classic Rattan furniture sets the furniture is so nice you’ll want to pass it down from generation to generation.

Caliente Rattan Wicker Swivel Barstool and Counterstool Classic Rattan Model 1573

Caliente 8 Pc Dining Set by Classic Rattan

These Sand Creek pieces can be described as Coastal for those homes along waterways or Rustic for those homes and cabins in the woods and mountains.

Walnut Grove Caster Dining Set by Classic Rattan comes with Many Options!

This is a beautiful and comfortable dining set with swivel rock and swivel memory options. You can also choose to go with casters and without casters! Classic Rattan always offers the most stains, the most fabrics, and with the Walnut Grove Dining set the most beautiful sets for your kitchen! There arent many in-stock dining sets these days and definitely very few that are as gorgeous as the Walnut Grove by Classic Rattan!

Walnut Grove Rattan Wicker Dining Table with 45 Inch Glass Top from Classic Rattan Model 8357GL47

Walnut Grove Caster Dining Set by Classic Rattan

Going with a dining set you’ll want to keep forever customized to your tastes and decor is the kind of furniture you’ll keep forever and hand down from generation to generation.


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I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it gave you new ideas for decorating your home.

by Mark Mosher, aka, “RATTANMAN(TM)”

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