Do I need Barstools or Counterstools for my Kitchen?

Do I need Barstools or Counterstools for my Kitchen?

What is the difference between a barstool and a counterstool?

  • Many homes are designed with a wrap around counter that encircles the stove and cooking area. The idea behind this design is where guests can sit at the counter and chat with the homeowner while dinner is being prepared. Of course the guests will need to sit in a barstool or counterstool depending on the counter height.
  • The typical kitchen counter height is 36 inches. Although many counters utilize both the lower 36 inch counter and the bar height counter (normally) built around the kitchen sink at 42 inches high. This where your decision as to whether you need counter height stools or bar height stools are maybe even both.

Its now clear that your barstools or counterstools are important furniture items for your home and kitchen.

The seat height of a barstool is 30 inches and the seat height of a counterstool is 24 inches. Its critical that when you order your stools you order the correct height for your counter. If you dont you will need to return the wrong stools and that could cause you extra expense in shipping charges.

Deciding on the style and design of your new bar or counter stools.

Hopefully, by now you know what height stool you will need to order for your kitchen. And like any other furniture item there are many styles and designs to consider when selecting your stools. If you like an industrial look you might try to find heavy looking stools that utilize metal as part of the design. Or maybe you like a more tropical look and then Rattan and Wicker barstools and counterstools would be the ideal stool. Many kitchens are painted in light colors that are more coastal in design. In this case you might want to match your stools to the room by ordering your stools in white or maybe even a custom color. Manufacturers like Classic Rattan in Kentucky build custom stain Rattan and Wicker barstools and counterstools. Braxton Culler in High Point, North Carolina is another manufacturer that builds bar and counterstools with custom stains.

The final decision making factor is whether to order a stool that swivels or a stationary stool. The swivel stool chair portion otherwise known as the bucket swivels on the base so the person can spin in the stool to move away from the counter and step off of the stool. That is quite an advantage and especially for barstools where your seat is 30 inches or so off the ground. The other stool design is the non-swivel stool and these have the advantage of simplicity and usually lower in price. From here we’ll discuss the barstools and counterstools that are in-stock at American Rattan for ordering now. During these days of the pandemic furniture supply chains have been disrupted so its important to look for furniture that is currently in stock.

The following bar and counter stools are in stock for fast shipping. You can select fabric for all of these stools and with some you can also select a custom stain.  I think you’ll like what we have available now and its always important to order while stock is good on a stool you like and want for your kitchen.

New Twist Swivel Rattan Barstool or Counterstool 3309-24 and 3309-30

The New Twist natural Rattan seems to have been molded perfectly in nature where the Rattan vines seem to have grown and wrapped themselves around each other creating this amazing looking furniture. It looks like it first developed on its own in nature but the feel of the furniture is so smooth and the finish is so well applied. And despite all of these great and unusual characteristics there is a much more interesting and human story to tell behind the creation of the incredible New Twist. Choose from a great selection of good looking fabrics.

New Twist Barstool or Counterstool 3309 By South Sea Rattan

New Twist Barstool or Counterstool from South Sea Rattan 3309

Bodega Bay Swivel Rattan and Wicker Barstool and Counterstool by Classic Rattan

The Bodega Bay is a Classic Rattan favorite. There are so many unique and wonderful items we could fill our entire showroom with this group. The indoor Rattan and Wicker Sunroom Set “Bodega Bay” comes with solid Cane frame and a heavy wicker weave. There are many stains and fabrics to choose from.

Bodega Bay Wicker Rattan Dining Table with Glass Top from Classic Rattan Model 1956GL47

Bahia Swivel Barstool and Counterstool from South Sea Rattan

We chose the all weather stool Bahia here because it is highly versatile to be used indoors or outdoors. We also have over 120 of these in stock! Bahia collection boasts clean, curved lines and a more compact style. We use top quality all-weather synthetic wicker woven over fully-welded aluminum framing.

Bahia Outdoor Patio 24 Inch Counter Stool 78309-24 by South Sea Rattan

At no extra cost you can choose your own fabrics for any of these great looking and IN-STOCK swivel stools.


Please give our experts a call as needed: 1-888-265-4695

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it gave you new ideas for decorating your home.

by Mark Mosher, aka, “RATTANMAN(TM)”

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