Furnishing your VRBO or AIRBNB Rental Property


When families rent vacation homes they are most likely looking for an experience that is different from what they are used to. If your flying from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan and flying to Florida for the holidays to escape winter cold your looking for adventure. When these folks check into your property make sure they get a taste of tropical Florida! This is our specialty at American Rattan and we can offer the beachy and coastal furniture your guests will love. For a coastal feel add white outdoor Wicker to your patio or lanai you make them clean and inviting spaces. We offer so many white coastal style outdoor wicker options such as sofas, chairs, rockers, and tables. We also offer the same vintage style furniture as seen at the Edison and Ford vintage homes in Ft Myers, FL..  They used it for both indoor and outdoor spaces in the living room and the outside decks. Whatever styles or stains you use just think “unique” and “rustic” when decorating your vacation rental. You will love our prices and selections when your looking for nautical, Wicker furniture. The Saint John collection from South Sea Rattan is the perfect collection to keep guests coming back!




When you add white Wicker dining sets to your entertaining areas of your home it really brightens the space. People enjoy dining in clean areas and white Wicker dining sets provide this wonderful environment. American Rattan offers a huge selection of outdoor white Wicker dining sets so can find the exact white set you’ll love. Enjoy browsing our website for hundreds of white Wicker dining furniture collections. You can turn your dining and entertaining areas into a clean and inviting getaway.



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