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Gazebo Collection – Old American Style Wicker Furniture

Gazebo Collection – Old American Wicker Furniture

Many people dont realize that Rattan and Wicker furniture manufacturing began in America in the 1800’s. A grocer by the name of Cyrus Wakefield noticed discarded cane laying around a Massachussetts shipyard. He took the cane home and began experimenting by bending the cane and creating some furniture items with it. He decided to take a chance and go into a full time business of building furniture out of raw cane and the Wakefield Wicker furniture company was born. Later in the 1890’s he joined his company with the Heywood Brothers and the Heywood-Wakefield Rattan and Wicker furniture company was formed. They were dominant in the industry and their innovative, intricate, designs were popular all across America. A great place to view their early furniture is the Edison-Ford museum and estates compund in Ft Myers, Florida. The GAZEBO collections shown are IN-STOCK for FAST SHIPPING.

Gazebo Wicker Furniture Continues the Old American Tradition

The Gazebo collection uses the same intricate and ornate designs that the Heywood-Wakefield company utilized in building their furniture. By incorporating some of this unique furniture in your home your adding both beautiful furniture and historical conversation pieces. I have included some sets and pieces here of the Gazebo where we have great stock available for FAST SHIPPING!

Gazebo 5 Pc "Whitewash" Wicker Dining Set includes: 4 Dining Side Chairs, Dining Table Base, and 48 Inch Round Glass Top (Available only in Whitewash)

Gazebo Wicker DIning Set in Whitewash Stain

The following Gazebo items and sets are all available in the Brownwash stain as shown. Notice the ornate and intricate designs blended into this amazing furniture. Those are the same designs used by the early American Wicker furniture manufacturers.

This Gazebo Indoor Wicker Chaise Lounge is in-stock for fast shipping. There are many cushion colors and styles to choose from for your particular room and tastes. All natural indoor Wicker Chaise lounges are hard to find these days as so many manufacturers have gone to the outdoor synthetic wicker. Its nice to see beautiful indoor wicker like this especially when you love the looks of this rustic chaise.

Gazebo Chaise Lounge by Yesteryear Wicker

A great idea for incorporating the intricate Gazebo pieces into your home is to add the Gazebo Coffee Table and End Table into your seating area. They blend well with any contemporary furniture and add that unique conversation style pieces to your livng room ensemble of furniture. The Coffee Table and End Table set is also available.

Gazebo Coffee Table by Yesteryear Wicker

I have strong interests in both history and all natural Rattan and Wicker furniture. The Gazebo is very popular with me because it provides both the early American style of Wicker and Rattan furniture and its looks are so beautiful and truly stunning works of art. You can furnish an entire room with this intricate furniture or just sprinkle some into a current room or decor.


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I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it gave you new ideas for decorating your home.

by Mark Mosher, aka, “RATTANMAN(TM)”

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