How Fabrics Enhance your Coastal and Tropical Furniture Choices

Fabrics Enhance your Coastal and Tropical Furniture Choices

I bring the subject up today of fabrics because we have completely re-done our fabric options at… It was a huge job that I can’t deny because we offer so many manufacturers and different fabrics for each one. We literally uploaded a new image for each and every fabric we offer. If you’ve visited us before and werent happy with the fabric swatch visual you’ll be more than thrilled now today. If your visiting for the first time we hope you enjoy the enhanced fabric options and give us a call with any questions at 1-888-265-4695.

The Fabric Factor

Many of our furniture collections come with a matching throw pillow to the sofa or loveseat your purchasing. But, if you want a different fabric for a contrasting toss pillow we offer that option as well. Alot of times we want to use a tropical or coastal looking fabric but those can be too busy for an entire set of furniture. So what alot of people do is to select a solid pattern for their main furniture and then cover accessory throw pillows with a tropical style fabric. This is really a great way to go to get the feel of your room just right.

Watermark Living offers some of the nicest fabrics and probably the nicest tropical style fabrics of any other manufacturer. Click the link to the set below and you’ll be transferred to a beautiful collection with a great selection of fabrics.


The Cordova Seating set is a great buy, with great fabrics, and the shipping is FREE TO ALL 48 US STATES.

Spice Island Wicker and their Great Selection of Fabrics

Spice Island Wicker also offers some fantatic coastal and tropical style fabrics. Their Seascape collection offers a carved sea shell on the arms of the furniture that is just awesome looking!  The WOW effect comes into play with High quality Rattan and Wicker seating set comes with choice of fabrics and a coastal
charm look with seashell arm handles.


Sunbrella Fabrics are the Right Fabric for your Outdoor Furniture

We offer a huge selection of outdoor patio collections and they all come with Sunbrella outdoor fabrics and Made in the USA! Below we show the Montecito collection by Sunset West and this manufacturer is the leader by far in high qualiy deap seating outdoor furniture. Take a closer look at the Montecito collection. Meaning “Little Mountain” in Spanish, The Montecito Collection is indeed a gem. The combination of the woven elements along with the Cognac finish of the Montecito are as exquisite as the homes along the coastline in Montecito.


The Sunset West high quality collections are so numerous we cant show them all here. Be sure to search them out while browsing

 I hope you enjoyed and got some ideas from another furnishings article by by Mark Mosher, aka, “RATTANMAN(TM)”
We appreciate your LIKING this article if you did and please remember to Stay Safe!


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