How to Furnish Commercial Venues like VRBOs, Restaraunts, and Bars

How to Furnish Commercial Venues

Today we’ll be discussing effective strategies for furnishing income producing properties such as VRBO, Airbnb, Restaraunts, and bars. When selecting the ideal furniture for these types of situations the focus is a little different from furnishing your own home.

The Durabilty Factor

Alot of time vacation renters and bar patrons won’t be quite as worried about things such as stains on your cushions as they might be in their own home. This is quite understandble and it doesnt have to mean disaster for your furniture. Look for furniture that give you fabric choices and use all weather fabrics such as Sunbrella whenever you can. Outdoor fabrics are made to shed water and also to stand up better to all kinds of wear and tear in the elements. If your furniture is built of all natural material such as real wood, real Rattan, or real Wicker its a good idea to apply a coat of urethane over the existing finish. By doing this the furniture will add more luster and at the same time provide additional protections.

The highly versatile Bahia collection is a low profile furniture popular in many commercial uses. Its a top quality choice with quality all-weather synthetic wicker woven over fully-welded aluminum framing. Many all weather fabrics are offered with the Bahia.


The Bahia Dining Set above includes: 4 Ea Dining Arm Chairs as shown, 38 X 38 Dining Table with Glass Top.

The Looks Factor aka The “WOW” Effect

First impressions of your guests are important to consider for any commerical endeavor and the furnishings used are a very important part of first impressions. One aspect of this factor I like to consider is the “WOW’ effect. The WOW effect comes into play when your guests see furnishings that are new and different from any they have seen before. One example of this might be to use a very unique style of wall console table at the entrance to your home or establishment. We’ve used unique and Antique tables, Oriental style tables, and large and unique Wicker and Rattan tables. This style of table is a great place to leave literature about your place of business or places of interest in the local area in a VRBO rental.


Using Low Profile Seating to Maximize Space

By using low profile seating, you will be able to maximize your space and at the same time provide a no-clutter effect to your place of business or rental home. A good example of this is when seating is needed in the center of a room. Typically in most of our own homes we place a sofa, chair, loveseat, with the backs against or close to a wall and the center of the room is left open. But in a commercial scenerio many times you will need seating placed throughout the middle areas of the room as well. Bars and restaraunts are a great example of this type of seating. Even a gathering room in a VRBO might have the need for more middle of the room and central seating needs. The idea here is to use furniture with a low profile or minimal height in the furniture. The Bahia we mentioned at the start of the article is a very good example and these upholstered chairs here are also great examples of low profile built chairs. The chairs shown here are low profile swivel gliders. This manufacturer also offers all weather fabric that helps in the durability factor.


These are very comfortable low profile swivel glider chairs standing at just 32 total inches high.

 I hope you enjoyed and got some ideas from another furnishings article by by Mark Mosher, aka, “RATTANMAN(TM)”
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