How to Shop with Confidence During this Christmas Season

How to Shop with Confidence During this Christmas Season

We hear about the supply chain problems everyday with container ships unable to get into port to unload along with labor shortages, truck shortages, and lack of containers for initial loading at the factory locations. So we all know about the causes of product and gift shortages but how do we overcome them? Mark Mosher of American Rattan provides some welcome insight in how to shop online during the 2021 Christmas season.

Tips for Shopping Online for this Christmas Season

TIP #1 – Don’t trust the displayed product status. When you see an item you might want to buy for Christmas and it shows IN-STOCK be aware that there is a good chance that status could be wrong. Mark suggests to always try to Chat or use the phone and Call in to the company to have someone there personally verify inventory status before ordering.

TIP #2 – Look for IN-STOCK or Christmas Special pages when your shopping and browsing for potential Christmas gifts. Mark uses his own Christmas Specials page at American Rattan as a great example of a page built specifically for Christmas shoppers. This page gives folks a close to 100% success rate for finding in stock items. Mark still suggests calling in or Chatting with a company rep to make 100% sure the status hasnt changed.

TIP #3 – BE FLEXIBLE – 2021 is definitely the year to have patience on receiving time for the gifts your loved ones really want. It might be that your daughter wanted that one specific Wicker bedroom set. You find out its not scheduled to arrive until a month or 2 after the new year. You could always print the product or set description, place it in a box, and present this as a gift under the tree. She’ll be able to unwrap the gift and then know that her furniture will be coming soon enough. Even our children and teens know about delays and supply chain problems we have in this country.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it gave you new ideas for decorating your home.

by Mark Mosher, aka, “RATTANMAN(TM)”

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