How to Transform your Bedroom into an Exotic Looking Paradise

How to Transform your Bedroom into an Exotic Looking Paradise

Everyone would like a more exotic looking bedroom

When you hear or see the word Exotic your mind might drift and think of places like cruising the Nile River in a Felucca sailing boat or maybe wearing a salong as you sit and eat hot food at the ancient capital of Ayutthya in Thailand. The word can also mean erotica type subjects which of course when connected to rooms of your home connect best to the bedroom – right?

How do we begin turning our bedroom into an exotic looking room? The best place to begin when creating an exotic looking bedroom is the furniture. Find the furniture that is unique, unusual, and made of natural hardwoods or Rattan would be essential elements for the transition to the exotic room. Furnishing bedrooms in vacation homes, and guest cottages, would be perfect fits for an exotic style bedroom. Truly your homes will become even more popular than ever by outfitting the bedrooms with unique and stunning furniture. You can also update your own bedroom with these wonderful furshings as you transition from your typical old, drab digs into the exciting and unique looking exotic furnishings.

Exotic Monte Carlo Hand Crafted Wicker Bedroom Furniture from Classic Rattan - 50% OFF SALE!

Classic Rattan began operations in 1978 with the goal of building top quality, custom-built Rattan furniture. Much of their furniture is built by hand and all of the upholstery work is done in their Nicholasville, KY facility in the heart of Bluegrass country. The Monte Carlo Bedroom Collection is a Great Example of the finest Rattan and Wicker bedroom furniture in the U.S.A and the world.

Monte Carlo 5 Pc Wicker Bedroom Set from Classic Rattan Model 7180

Exotic Polynesian Handmade Wicker Bedroom Furniture 

American Rattan, the oldest Wicker furniture store in America offers a collection of bedroom furniture that exudes this Exotic style – The POLYNESIAN COLLECTION. This bedroom furniture is very unique and skilled craftsman create every one of the many pieces offered by hand in the methods handed down through generations in Bali in the south Pacific islands.

Polynesian Wicker Rattan Tropical 5 Pc Bedroom Set Model WPI-5PCBRSET - FREE SHIPPING

All Natural Hand-Made Rattan and Wicker Polynesian Bedroom Set

American Rattan’s PALM COVE bedroom furniture also exudes an Exotic appearance perfect for transforming a bedroom to a more exotic looking space. 

Another special and very popular collection the Palm Cove is a perfect choice for transitioning your bedroom to a tropical looking haven and exotic space. Note the use of Tropical Palms both real and nice imitation for creating the kind of bedroom you will literally be exotically excited to rush to at the end of a hard day at work or play.

Palm Cove Rattan Mirror PJO-1102-5642-ATQ from Panama Jack (Unable to ship alone - Must ship with at least 1 other item from same collection)

To create the Exotic look your after you wont need to change everything in your current bedroom. Just by adding a piece or 2 and maybe an imitation tropical plant you can buil the special tropical
and exotic look so many people are after. Here is a great example of the Vanatu Trunk that would be a perfect exotic piece to fit at the end of your current bed. Tropical Exotic achieved!

Vanatu Wicker Seagrass Tropical Trunk Model WPI-VAN210

Vanatu Wicker Seagrass Tropical Trunk Model WPI-VAN210

Achieve the Exotic and Tropical looking bedroom by adding just a piece or more of any of these wonderful handmade Wicker and Rattan bedroom pieces. 


Please give our experts a call as needed: 1-888-265-4695

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it gave you new ideas for decorating your home.

by Mark Mosher, aka, “RATTANMAN(TM)”

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