Indoor Rattan Furniture Capital of the World

Indoor Rattan Furniture Capital of the World

Many people don’t realize it but the United States is the indoor Rattan furniture capital of the world. And more specifially the southeastern United States in states like Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Maryland, and all of the eastern seaboard states as well. Indoor Rattan furniture is by far the most popular style furniture for most people. The folks in these states absolutely love their Rattan rockers, sofas, dining sets, chairs, and Wicker bedroom sets. The Rattan furniture as an industry was started in the mid 1800’s by the American Rattan company that built the first machine to strip cane into Rattan poles and Wicker strands. The Heyfield Rattan company of Massachussetts would buy these Rattan poles and wicker strands from American Rattan and use them to create many beautiful and orate designs of furniture. Some of their original styles are still available today and the Bar Harbor style arm chairs are a great example of this early American traditional Rattan furniture.

Early American Style Rocker called the Bar Harbor 

bar harbor rocker

Mark Mosher aka RattanMan(TM) is the owner of the top rated Rattan furniture company in the United States. He started his first Rattan furniture retailer in 2002 when he retired from the U.S. Air Force. When asked why he’s been in this business for so long he can’t stop singing the praises about his love for this furniture. According to Mark this furniture is economical, and environmentally friendly. When you get tired of your Rattan furniture all you need to do is lightly sand down the old finish and re-stain it or even paint it into something completely different looking. And if your tired of the cushions or they are old and worn out then no problem because Mark has that solved at American Rattan as well where you can buy replacement covers or covers and cushions together. So the beautiful thing is that your Rattan furniture never needs to end up in a landfill somewhere! The easiest furniture to refurbish is the Rattan pole style furniture. Here is an example of Rattan pole furniture that is quite easy to re-finish. LEARN ALL ABOUT THE PROCESS FOR REFURBISHING RATTAN FURNITURE

Whitney Collection by Classic Rattan (CLOSE-OU SPECIAL PRICING)

The United States is also one of the few western countries in the world that still has Rattan and Wicker furniture production. Classic Rattan of Nicholasville, KY. manufacturers this furniture and so does Braxton Culler of High Point, North Carolina. These companies still mold some Rattan into furniture and all of their furniture is custom stained according to the customers preferences. And all of the manufacturers in the U.S. do their own upholstery work for cushions.

Here is a video that shows Classic Rattan factory workers building furniture by hand and machinery in their Nicholasville, KY factory. ENJOY!

As mentioned American Rattan was the first company to use machinery to strip cane poles into Rattan poles and Wicker strands. Today American Rattan is the premier retail furniture outlet in the United States. They sell and ship Rattan furniture to every corner of the U.S., Hawaii, and the Caribbean. They have the greatest selection, the best prices, and wonderful coupon codes you can use to get big discounts. Join their Wicker Club to enjoy those great discounts on long lasting furniture your going to love. Spice up those winter homes with colorful Tropical Rattan. And for those rental cottages and beach homes no othe furniture works as well.

Island Style Islamorada Bedroom Furniture

Islamorada Bedroom Set

Adding this coastal style to any bedroom brightens the room and makes for a much more comfortable and relaxing get-away which of course we all want our bedrooms to be. So whether you want a beachy style look like the Islamorada above or more of a brown Tropical style bedroom look American Rattan delivers! Please check them out because we know you’ll be glad you did!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it gave you new ideas for decorating your home.

by Mark Mosher, aka, “RATTANMAN(TM)”


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