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Our shipping terms here apply to shipments made within the 48 Continental United States (CONUS). We also ship to the Caribbean, Canada, Hawaii, and other countries but additional costs and terms will apply. To receive a quote for an off shore location please call us at 1-888-265-4695 or email:

Its important to note that all timeframes are estimated. Some manufacturers have a shorter backload for upholstery than others and in many cases can ship a week or 2 faster than normal. Other manufacturers may be backed up further than normal and may ship at the end or extend over an estimated ship date. We will keep you updated on the progress of your order and notify you when the order is completed and moving to the shipper. FABRIC SWATCHES – As a courtesy we can have the manufacturer mail our customers swatches of fabric they would like to review for their order. We are charged for the swatches and shipping by the mfr. so if an order is cancelled after we ship the swatches a $25 fee is deducted from the refund.Upholstered Furniture– The average preparation time required to prepare cushions for upholstered furniture is 3 to 4 weeks because the upholstery departments have a 3 to 4 week backload. We usually ship upholstered furniture via specialty furniture delivery companies to ensure a delivery without damage. The timeframe for delivery can vary from approx. 1 to 3 weeks once the order is complete. We will require at least a 1/3 deposit to start the upholstery process with the balance due and charged when the upholstery and cushions are completed.Bedroom and Office Furniture– Depending on the manufacturer, some bedroom and office furniture items will ship within a few days of ordering and these orders are charged in full on the day the order is placed. Much of our bedroom furniture is shipped as case goods via freight company and delivery timeframe would be 1 to 2 weeks.2. WARRANTY INFORMATION- Most of the manufacturers we deal with offer at least a 1 year warranty against breakage of support frame structure. Note: Dining tables or chairs that develop wobbly legs after 30 days of use in your home are not included in the warranty period because its impossible to determine if the source of the issue is manufacturing or customer cause. Due to unknown furniture placement and use in the customers home there is no warranty for fabrics and cushions. After delivery is completed to a stateside address (offshore deliveries are handled via separate terms as stated in detail on the invoice), and an issue occurs we will work with the manufacturer on your behalf to correct any obvious manufacturing problem. Indoor Rattan and Wicker furniture is built by hand with all natural nature made wood and cane. Nature-made imperfections are to be expected as part of the natural beauty with this type of furniture and are not included in the warranty.3. DETAILED FURNITURE DELIVERY INFORMATION
We offer 2 types of delivery services for you to choose from: Standard and In-Home .We strive for damage free deliveries rather than speed in shipping our furniture. For that reason we use specialty furniture movers as often as possible (with 2 workers) who take the care needed to ship fully assembled all-natural furniture safely to your home. Specialty Carriers work differently than a typical freight company because they need to fill a truck for an area or route and then they can schedule the delivery. We appreciate your patience while a truck is filled for your area and your peace of mind comes from knowing your furniture will be delivered without damage. We have no control over shipper schedules but we can assist you as needed. There are no cancellations or refunds allowed while furniture is in the possession of the shipping company.
UNIQUE DELIVERY SITUATIONS – Please advise us if there is some unique situation for your delivery. This could include a restricted bridge, an island location, or a homeowners association restricting truck access. It will help us to know in case we need to use a certain size truck or sub-contract a local delivery company. Some orders that use excessive cubic feet in a truck such as side rails, cross rails, headboards, and footboards for multiple complete beds might incur a surcharge to cover much higher than normal shipping costs. We will explain any additional costs in these cases if they apply.

This service is FREE for furniture collections that state free shipping for all orders or for orders of $1000 or more and consists of the delivery company delivering your furniture to as close to your front door or garage as possible. You would be responsible to unwrap the furniture and carry it into your home.Sometimes an order over $1000 will be comprised of products from multiple manufacturers. In some of these situations we may need to charge a 1 item shipping charge. Example: Order consists of a $1000 dining set from one manufacturer and a $350 coffee table from another. Since they ship from the 2 different locations you would get free shipping on the dining set but the coffee table would incur a 1-Item shipping charge.
NOTE: ZONE 4 WESTERN STATES SHIPPING (See list of states below) A 10% Fuel Service Charge (FSC) not to exceed $200 is added to the invoice for delivery to these states because the shipping costs are much greater. Thank you for your understanding.

B. IN-HOME DELIVERY– This service specifies the delivery company to carry the furniture into your home. The cost to add an In-Home delivery service is $245.00.



4 or More$240.00


4 or More$250.00


4 or More$260.00


4 or More$270.00

D. SMALL ITEMS – Small items like magazine stands, small ottomans, or fabric will be shipped via UPS for the exact cost.

a. Return Material Authorization (RMA). All returns for any reason will need to be approved beforehand with an RMA and completed within 10 days after receiving the furniture.
b. If a return is required because we shipped the wrong item/s then we’ll coordinate swapping out the furniture and pay all associated costs. During the process we appreciate your patience and refunds/cancellations aren’t authorized during the process.
c. For returns due to a change of mind, reasons of comfort, nature made wood imperfections, actual stain/fabric not matching your monitor, or similar reason there is a 15% re-stock fee applied and customer pays all shipping costs. 
d. In all cases regarding a return for a refund we only provide the refund when the furniture is physically unloaded into our North Carolina showroom. 
e. Showroom Orders – Furniture purchased from our showroom are final with no refunds or returns allowed.

a. If an order that does not require upholstery is cancelled prior to shipping then the full amount of the order total is refunded.
b. If an order is cancelled that has already shipped, we apply the refund minus both shipping costs and a 15% re-stock fee.
c. For special orders that require the customers choice of fabrics and if the fabric has been cut and the customer cancels there will be a 15% re-stocking fee applied to the refund.
d. If furniture is refused at time of delivery due to any reason/s other than damages, then a refund will be given when we receive the furniture back from the shipper and the ship costs and a 15% re-stock fee will be applied.

If you receive your furniture with damage or some other problem we will work hard to resolve the issue. Please always annotate damages at time of the delivery on the bill of lading (B/L). If the damage is severe be sure to annotate on the B/L and refuse it. We do ask for your patience while we work to correct an issue and refunds and chargebacks are unnecessary and therefore not allowed.

a. Minor damages like a scratch, chip, or dent: Many times the delivery driver will be able to touch it up. If not, we will schedule furniture medic at or other repair company to repair it. We will work with you on these small things for up to 7 days after you receive the furniture. Since we can’t verify useage or abuse of the furniture we can’t provide service longer than that. Showroom items are sold “as is” in all cases.

b. Major Damage or Concealed Damages: 
Although rare, if an item is damaged more severly, or is the wrong item, try to take a digital photo of the furniture. Annotate in detail on the Bill of Lading what the problems are. Return the item/s with the driver for replacement or possible repair. IMPORTANT NOTE: When the procedures here in 6B. are followed we will either replace or repair your damaged item/s at no cost to you. Cancellations or refunds are not authorized in all damage cases as we need time to correct the situation. Please note that in a “concealed damage” situation where the customer signs the bill of lading with no annotations of damage, keeps the furniture, but tries to report shipping damages later, the shipper will no longer be liable, and will not be able to pickup, repair, or replace the furniture at no cost to you.

7. SHIPPING OVERSEAS (Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Canada, and other Countries)
We use multiple freight forwarders in Miami and ship many furniture orders offshore to Island countries in the Carribean, and Puerto Rico. We can also ship to Hawaii, and other countries when the customer has secured their own freight forwarder for the shipment. Our terms on this page apply to all furniture shipped to the freight forwarder office in the 48 Continental United States CONUS. Once the freight forwarder accepts the furniture and delivers furniture to the customer at distant shores all of our responsibility ends for any and all issues and the “sale is final at this point”. The reasons for this are obvious: we have no way to pick furniture up and replace it. We have no way to repair damaged furniture, and we have no method to correct any manufacturer issue. All duties, import taxes, at distant ports are also the customers sole responsibility. IMPORTANT: All cases of damages are handled via insurance claims between the customer and the freight forwarder or the customs broker directly. We can assist the parties as we can but all of our responsibility ends when the freight forwarder accepts the furniture at their U.S. office. Note that we have no method or ability to swap out furniture that has left the 48 Continental United States and there is no way to refund or cancel an order once it has been delivered to the freight forwarder and shipped via container. In the case of shipping into Canada we can get quotes for trucking but we have no responsibilty for Canada taxes or duties. For a detailed quote from our freight forwarders offshore shippers please send an email with the items you want to purchase and your complete address to: NOTE: If you secure your own freight forwarder to use for your shipment these terms as written will still apply.

We handle customer service problems promptly and professionally and will find a solution to your issue. We appreciate your calm manner toward a problem, and thank you for a detailed account of any issue. Photos are highly appreciated for any furniture issue. For all status and support issues we ask that you use our support request form:

When you place your order you will receive your invoice via email. As part of the confirmation process your invoice will have instructions asking you to read the terms on this page and approve them. Then you will complete our electronic signature page. 

Its important to note that American Rattan & Wicker is not a contractor so we aren’t responsible in any way for deliveries or installations that occur inside your home. An example of an installation might be when the In-Home delivery people agree to attach legs to a bedroom dresser, lay a glass top on a dining base, or attach a headboard to your bed frame. These tasks are the responsibility of the customer, but if the delivery company agrees to do them and something gets damaged or broken, American Rattan & Wicker is not responsible to pay for new furniture, or repairs. We will be here to assist you or the shipper getting necessary replacement pieces or parts at the lowest possible prices from the manufacturer. Attachment of headboards to bed frames and mirrors to walls are examples of work not included in a In-Home delivery.

As owners of this website we reserve all rights to cancel any order for any reason at all; including but not limited to: shopping cart technical issues, incorrect website pricing, communication difficulties like arguments or general unruliness, or disagreements regarding shipping costs. If a payment has been made we will refund it in full and the customer is free to purchase elsewhere.


A. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS – As a user and/or customer of this website you are aware that American Rattan & Wicker publishes all information on this website in good faith and for general information purposes only. Except for the very few items shipped from our showroom we ship all of our new furniture products directly from the suppliers/manufacturers warehouses and therefore do not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability, and accuracy of any information including product safety information on this website. If you would like to verify the accuracy of any specific product description and information please send us an email to: We will in turn verify the product information request with the manufacturer and after they provide the information to us we will in turn provide the same information to you.

B. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS – American Rattan & Wicker as owner of the website owns the compilation of content that is shown on the website. This does not mean American Rattan & Wicker owns each component of the compilation. The content on the site may be owned by American Rattan & Wicker, owned by others and used with their permission (such as manufacturer product photos), or some will exist in the public domain. If you have a question/s pertaining to the legitimate use of any content shown on our website, or before using any content found on our website request permission by sending an email to:

C. DISPUTE RESOLUTION – You should know that American Rattan & Wicker is dedicated to handling customer issues and disputes quickly, fairly, and professionally. Please start the process by emailing details of your issue through our support page located here: We will provide you a written response within 48 hours but if for some reason we don’t then its possible we didn’t see or receive your email. In that case please re-send the email and also follow up with a phone call so we can know to look for your issue. If for some highly unlikely reason you and American Rattan & Wicker can’t find a satisfactory resolution to an issue, the next step will be arbitration process through the Citizens Dispute Settlement Program (CDS), 20th Judicial Court, Lee County, in Ft. Myers, Florida. The Citizen Dispute Settlement Program is a FREE court alternative program under the direction of the Court Administrator’s Office. Its purpose is to help disputing parties negotiate mutually beneficial solutions to their problems with the aid of a mediator. Problems addressed in this program include consumer/business problems. American Rattan & Wicker and this website is owned by: AMERICAN INNOVATORS, LLC.

D. PRIVACY POLICY – We value you as a customer, and we know you’re concerned about protecting your privacy online. Our mission is to inform you of our policies for collecting, sharing, disseminating and securing customer information online. Our policy is quite simple: we do not share any customer information – period.

What information is needed when I place an order? For orders we will need : your full name, home address, billing address, e-mail address and phone number. We need your name, billing address, shipping address, e-mail address, billing phone number, shipping phone number and credit card number to process and ship your order. We will e-mail you to confirm your order and keep you updated on your order status. If we have a question about your order, we may contact you by e-mail or by phone. For example, we may call you to verify your credit card information on a large purchase. We never share this information with any individual, individuals, or company of any kind whatsoever.

If you sign up with our Wicker Club we may ocassionally email you an in-house newsletter that prominently displays a link you can use to unsubscribe at any time. We also include the e-mail address you used when you signed up for the newsletter, so you know which address to enter when you unsubscribe.

Contacting American Rattan and Wicker Customer Service: If you contact our customer service, we will use your name, e-mail address, phone number and order history to answer your question as quickly as possible. On occasion, we may contact you later to verify information or to check on the quality of your Customer Service experience.

How Secure is My Information?
Protecting your personal information: We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL 128-bit) encryption to scramble your personal and credit card information as it travels over the Internet during the checkout process on American Rattan and Wicker. In addition, we encrypt every credit card number we store in our databases.

Unlike many e-commerce sites, we don’t require our customers to create an account and keep information on file with us.

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