Alexander & Sheridan Barstools and Dining Sets

In addition to our warehouse distribution, Alexander & Sheridan imports custom furniture and accessories for commercial designers who share passion for quality and long-lasting comfortable products.

The durability of our products is no coincidence, it is a careful process. The frames of our furniture are made with mature rattan poles and fish mouth joints, which are secured by wood screws and dowels. Natural rawhide bindings cover joints and wood screws.

From concept to final project, it can take over a year of improvements to attain the design, strength, and comfort we desire. We are fortunate to partner with factories in Southeast Asia that share our commitment to quality.

Our furniture is durable, hand-made, and meticulously designed.

It gives us great pride to present the latest collections of fine furniture on this website. Using a blend of rattan and wood, we have combined the best natural materials available from the rain forest of Southeast Asia.

We hope that you find these products as spectacular as we do!

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