Rattan Furniture and the Wuhan China Coronavirus

March 10, 2020

America was looking so strong coming into 2020 and then all of a sudden the Coronavirus appeared on the world’s stage. Its had a terrible impact on our economy but I’m also confident this too will pass and we’ll be able to get back to our strong economy again and of course the sooner the better. I just wanted to say here that our Indoor Rattan furniture is built in Indonesia, Philippines, and right here in the USA. All of these countries have very little infection and all the containers are fumigated as well so you can rest assured that all of our indoor furniture is completely safe. Outdoor furniture on the other hand is built in China and of course does pose a risk albeit a very small risk. I’ve read where coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to 14 days. Since it takes a month for a container to arrive from China any virus on any of the furniture would be completely dead by the time a container from China arrived here in a U.S. port. When you shop with American Rattan your shopping safely online too and away from crowded showrooms where transmissions can occur and another great reason to shop with us. As an extra reward for stopping by to read this blog entry I’m offering a 12% discount good for any order with coupon code: RATTANMAN12
Thank you very much for loving Rattan and Wicker furniture as much as we do and hoping you all have a happy and blessed rest of 2020! ~ Mark Mosher aka “RattanMan(TM)”

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