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Rattan and Wicker Rockers and Swivel Glider Chairs in Every Style and Stain
Enjoy browsing
our indoor and outdoor Rattan and Wicker rocking chairs and swivel gliders from America's largest supplier of tropical furniture. You can choose from multiple stain options and choose your fabrics. Just click on a photo below for details.
=Indicates All Weather
Chairs that can be used on your outdoor patio in direct rain, sun, and all weather conditions.

1-Lexington Rocker Set

2-Bar Harbor Rocker

3-Bar Harbor Rocker

4-Arcadia Glider

5-Plantation Swivel Glider

6-Callaway Glider

7-Aberdeen Swivel Rocke

8 - Buckingham Glider

9-Captiva Recliner (FLORIDA)

10- Harbor Front Rocker

11-Catalina Rocker

12-Catalina Swivel

13-Bodega Bay Swivl Glider

14-Bodega Bay Recliner

15-Bodega Bay Recliner

16-Bodega Bay Rocker

17-Gazebo Rocker

18-St Tropez Swivel

19-Catalina Lounger

20-Spice Is. Rocker

21-Spice Is. Swivel

22-Catalina Glider

23-Catalina Rocker

24-Catalina Glider

25-Catalina Lounger

26- Ocean View Recliner

27-Kiawah Rocking Chair

28-Kingston Reef Rocker

29-Calani Glider

30-Vanatu Recliner

31-Riviera Swivel Glider

32 Southhampton Rocker

33-Carlisle Swivel Club

33-Matlache Rocker

34-Mambo Swivel Glider

35-Dark Huntington Spring Chair

36-Cavalier Swivel Rocker

37-Biscayne Rocker

38-Charleston Glider

39-Riviera Recliner

40-Palm Island Recliner

41 - St John Glider

42-Seaside Retreat Rocker

43-Spice Is. Glider

44-Orchard Park Rocker

45-Palm Beach Rocker

46-Riviera Glider

47-Mariner Swivel Rocker

48 - Barrington Glider

49-Biscayne Recliner Rocker

50- Papasan Rocker Ottoman

51-Eastwind Swivel Glider

52-Palm Coast Rocker Recliner

53- Mauna Loa Rocker

54-Biscayne Swivel Glider

55-Naples Rocker

56-Abaca Lodge Glider

57-Leona Swivel Glider

58-Leona Double Glider

59-Leona Rocking Chair
glider by tortuga
60-Lexington Glider
lexington rocker
61-Lexington Rocker

62-Captiva Recliner (FLORIDA)

63-Del Ray Swivel Glider

64-Rattan Ranch Swivel Glider

65-Catalina Rocker

66-Catalina Club Glider

67-Anchors Away Recliner

68-Cypress Swivel Club

69-Sanibel Rocker

70-Sanibel Rocker

71-Congo Rocker

72-Rockport Glider

73-Eldorado Glider

74-Montecito Rocker

75-Aruba Recliner (FLORIDA)

76-Captiva Recliner (FLORIDA)

56-Orchard Park Rocker

57-Bombay Swivel Glider

58-Biscayne Swivel Rocker

59 - Whitney Recliner Glider

60-Coronado Rocker

61-La Costa Rocker

62-Tahiti Swivel

63- Mauna Loa Rocker

64-Captiva Rocker Recliner

65-Mayfair Glider

66-Key Larglo Rocker

67-Key Largo Rocker

68 - Cape Charles Rocker

69 - Whitney Glider

70-Classic Rattan 824 Rocker

71-Williamsburg Rocker

72-Belize Rocker

73- Concord Rocker

74 - New Java Swivel Glider

75-New Java Lounge Chair

76-Charleston Glider

77-Everglade Swivel Glider

78-Everglade Rocker

79-Bombay Swivel Rocker

80-Rockport Rocker
81- Rockport White Rocker
82-Huntington Glider

83-Monaco Rocker

Buyer's Guide to Wicker and Rattan Rocking Chairs

American Rattan is the largest supplier of the highest quality tropical rattan and wicker rocking chairs and swivel glider chairs. American Rattan offers unequalled prices with a 10 percent discount on orders of $1000 or more and many specials. Often, a single rocking chair or swivel is needed for a special nook in a bedroom, lounge or on the patio and American Rattan can provide a chair with cushions in a fabric to match existing furniture or as a contrast. Customers can select the fabric of choice and enter the code in the comments section of the shopping cart when ordering a wicker chair.

Natural or whitewash furniture can also be selected when ordering. American Rattan has shipping locations across the United States, including Florida, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Maryland. American Rattan opened its business in 1999 and the focus has always been to provide hard-to-find high quality rattan and wicker chairs and furniture items at the lowest possible prices. American Rattan ships its wicker rocking chair products and other furniture all over the country and even the world. The company's factories build the finest furniture in their class and white glove shippers will happily carry the furniture into the customer's homes and place it where required. American Rattan endeavors to make the shopping experience a pleasant one and will keep customers updated as the furniture is prepared. American Rattan informs customers that rattan is one of the oldest natural furniture materials in use today and unlike bamboo, which is hollow, rattan is a solid timber vine. Manufacturing a wicker chair entails a weaving process. A machine cuts the inside of the rattan pole into pieces small enough in diameter for the weaving.

Due to the nature of rattan, splits and discoloration of the poles are to be expected and even add a unique beauty to the handcrafted wicker chair products. There are still a few factories in the United States that build wicker furniture and you will find those on our website where the photo has the Made in USA seal. Generally, most of the rattan and wicker furniture originate from Southeast Asia and is manufactured by hand. After import, the products are carefully inspected before assembly and they are then finished in the U.S.. American Rattan can offer conversation chairs, which are S-shaped wicker sofas that in the 19th century allowed courting couples to sit face to face without touching. The airier, more open woven look of a wicker chair began in the 20th century and largely due to rising costs in labor and tariff increases on imported rattan. The open weaving is most often found on chaise lounges and wicker chair products designed for use by hotels. Open weave wicker Rocking chairs of this period are usually referred to as Bar Harbor. American Rattan advises customers that to prevent a dust buildup, a feather duster or the soft brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner should be used and the rattan furniture and wicker chair items can occasionally be wiped with a damp cloth and a mild household cleaner.

Our knowledgeable crew of experts is ready to provide you personal assistance with a live person who can work with you at our toll-free number: 1-888-265-4695.

Best Rattan and Wicker Rockers and Swivel Gliders

We also specialize in furnishing large commercial projects & larger discounts for :

Here is an example of some holiday resorts and restaraunts we can furnish.
furniture made in the usa When you see this seal on a group photo it means the furniture is built entirely here in the U.S.A. or as a minimum the finishing and staining process is done here. ALL of our furniture is upholstered by American workers. We are proud to be adding American jobs to our economy. white glove delivery
History of the American Wicker discusses how the Rattan furniture industry began here in America
history of rattan and wicker in america
#1 - Guaranteed lowest price (we even beat Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot prices) & we offer much higher quality items as well.
#2 - With our commitment to superior service we have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
#3 - Our daily discount is 10% Off on all orders of $1200 or more, and we also have 15% off specials for selected furniture items .
#4 - Shipping is free on any purchase of $1200 or more. (We also ship to Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, and the Caribbean)
#5 - Our quality and uniqueness of our lines of tropical furniture is unmatched.

#6 - We offer "white glove" delivery service upgrade where 2 men will carry your furniture into your home and set it up for you.
#7 - We provide many choices of island style fabrics, stains, and sizes. We will also send you free fabric swatches for your review.
#8 - We offer free rattan and wicker customizing services. You can adjust sizes and stains, or even have us build your own design.

#9 - We deliver according to your schedule. Ex; Say you live in NY & need delivery in your Florida home on a certain date. We'll do it.
#10 -
Much of our manufacturing process is performed right here in the U.S.A including the sanding, staining, finishing, and upholstery. We are proud to be adding manufacturing jobs to our U.S. economy.
Our American manufacturers include: American Rattan, Spice Island, Yesteryear, Classic, Northcape International, Chicago Wicker, South Sea Rattan, Hospitality Rattan, Pelican Reef, Summit, and Tickle Imports and these fine manufacturers build the absolute finest outdoor rattan and wicker furniture. Not only is our outdoor patio furniture much higher quality than big box stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, or JC Penney, but its lower priced as well.
What is Wicker and Rattan? Wicker is a weaving process, not a material. One of the materials used in the weaving process is called rattan core, which comes from the rattan interior. A machine cuts the inside of the rattan pole, into pieces small enough in diameter for the weaving. Due to the nature of this product, splits and discolorations in the rattan poles are to be expected. They even enhance the beauty and uniqueness of these handcrafted products. Rattan is among the oldest natural furniture material in use today. Unlike bamboo, which is hollow, rattan is a solid timber vine.

Most wicker and rattan furniture originates from Southeast Asia (Indonesia, the Philippines and China) and is manufactured by hand. After import the product is carefully inspected before assembly and finished in the United States. You will enjoy our indoor and outdoor tropical and island furniture at our super low prices. Our experts are standing by to answer any and all questions you have.

Customer Support
We handle customer service problems promptly and a solution is always attained. For all status and support issues we ask that you use our CHAT feature from our website or email only via: By using CHAT and email instead of calling us we have time to check into your order status or prepare a solution to any other problem.

How to Maintain Rattan Furniture and Other Types of Wicker Furniture
- Prevent dust buildup by using a feather duster or the soft brush attachment of a vacuum.
-Wipe the Rattan wicker furniture occasionally with a cloth dampened with water and a mild household cleaner.

We appreciate your comments very much. If you did not find what you were looking for, have more questions,
or just an idea for us to improve please give us a call or send an email.
Please note we also ship to the Caribbean, Hawaii and Alaska. Call for a free quote .
If you have any questions on price and selection please give our experts a call at: 1-888-265-4695
or e-mail:

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