Should I Choose a Patio Swivel Glider or Lounge Chair for my Lanai?

Should I Choose a Patio Swivel Glider or Lounge Chair for my Lanai?

Some things to consider when making your decision –

  • Lounge chairs and swivel gliders use close to the same amount of space. Since there arent any gains to be made in that area definitely go with the one you prefer in comfort and looks.
  • Lounge chairs are typically lighter and easier to move around your patio or lanai easier that swivel gliders. Gliders usually have a metal base that makes them heavier than lounge chairs.
  • Swivel Gliders tend to run $50 to $100 more on average when compared to the price of a lounge chair.
  • Create the look you want to achieve with either the chair or glider by choosing your preferred fabric. The possibilites are endless!

Are you ready to make a decision? Will it be the Swivel Glider or the Lounge Chair for your outdoor space?

Space isnt a deciding factor because both swivel glider and lounge chair use about the same amount of space. If you need to move the chairs often a lounge chair might make the better choice. Of course everyone considers pricing when buying furniture so the lounge chair is cheaper and will win in the price category. And finally, the area of comfort and swivel gliders were designed with more comfort in mind as you can recline back and the swivel glider is just a better overall option for comfort. When you consider all the factors it looks like a draw with advantages being about the same for the 2 types of patio chairs. For me personally, I will choose comfort and go with the swivel gliders. I think they’re more comfortable and even more unique and appealing looking.

South Sea Rattan is the manufacturer with more high quality outdoor patio swivel gliders than any other. We have put some sets together for our readers to get an idea of how these will look on your patio or lanai.

Del Ray Swivel Glider and Ottoman Set

The Del Ray is outdoor entertaining and lounging at its finest. Rounded all-weather wicker in a warm chestnut finish is woven over rustproof aluminum framing, made to withstand the elements and hold its beauty year after year.

Del Ray Glider and Ottoman Set

St Tropez Swivel Glider and Round Ottoman Set

Timeless appeal meets a clean, modern aesthetic in the perfectly proportioned Saint Tropez collection. The smooth, flat-weave synthetic wicker is now available in Tobacco and Stone finishes, both woven over durable, rustproof aluminum framing.

St Tropez Swivel Glider and Round Ottoman


Cambridge Swivel Glider and Ottoman Set

Cambridge balances dueling aesthetics with aplomb. Its clean, simple lines and mixed-materials approach typify modern design, but the textured, almost leather-like finish of its wide and flat wicker weave bring to mind the warmth and lived-in feel of an heirloom easy chair. Equally at home on a stylish modern patio or in an upscale reading room – and more than equipped to weather the changing seasons despite its genteel appearance – Cambridge is the perfect fit for a variety of settings.

Cambridge Chair and Ottoman Set


Barrington Swivel Glider and End Table Set
The Barrington collection defines classic design made for today. Shapely arms, winged backs and rich, chestnut synthetic wicker is expertly woven over durable aluminum framing. 
This timeless collection features conventional seating and sectional options, plus the dining chat table to combine lounging and dining.


BARRINGTON Patio Glider Set

Barrington 2 Pc Patio Set with Glider and End Table

At no extra cost you can choose your own fabrics for any of these great looking and IN-STOCK swivel glider sets.


Please give our experts a call as needed: 1-888-265-4695

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it gave you new ideas for decorating your home.

by Mark Mosher, aka, “RATTANMAN(TM)”

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