Tropical Room Inspirations for Winter

Many people travel to tropical destinations in the winter time to fight off the winter blues. But you don’t have to take a flight to Cancun to achieve this. Another great idea is to decorate a room of your home with beachy and coastal furniture. Your mood and feeling of relaxation will increase every time you spend time in a tropical style area.  Living rooms, bedrooms, study room, sunrooms, can all be great places to update your decor into that feeling of a sunny paradise.

We offer all of the Rattan and Wicker sofas, chairs, and even chaise lounges to help with this wonderful style.

This family room at our customer’s home in Nebraska is a great example. The furniture used was from our tropical style Abaca Lodge collection. The darker stain was chosen and off white cushions with green throw pillows. An island style rug with Palm trees centered in the area with the chairs and loveseat finish the look. Even in the winter its a warm and comfortable place to sit in and relax. Now you’ve brought the warmth and relaxation of the tropics right to your home!



Check all of our sunroom collections for even more ideas on creating your very own island paradise.



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