Our new website Rattanman.com is Fully Loaded!

January 12, 2019

During my Air Force years while stationed at Yokota Air Base, Japan I volunteered to build the squadron website. This was back in the 90’s when the internet was still an early phenomonen and the big platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Magento werent available to anyone at least on any major scale. So I bought a program called Dreamweaver and an off the shelf FTP program and went to work. The web page I ended up building wouldnt be acceptable in todays internet world but back then anything that you built that ended up being seen on the web was already thought of as a great achievement. My superiors thought it was just fine and my performance report was annotated as such.

When I retired from the Air Force in 2002 I started building my companies in the tropical furnishings industry Im in today and continued to use Dreamweaver to build my websites. Even today 17 years later we operate our American Rattan business at: https://www.americanrattan.com/ This website was built entirely using Dreamweaver and each page was built individually. When today’s web designers look at this website they are struck by the time I have invested in building each one of these individual pages. If I could be compensated just $1 an hour for the time I have on building this site it would easily run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But we needed a much stronger website platform that included all of the bells and whistles of a modern website such as the ones we compete against today. So a few years ago I secured the trademark of “Rattan Man” and negotiated the purchase of the website URL: RATTANMAN.COM
It was then with the help of a team of designers we went to work on WordPress to build the new RATTAN MAN website. After a couple of years of planning, designing, and implementation we are happy to announce that rattanman.com is complete and loaded with products!

So please enjoy visiting and browsing our 2 unique websites and with the above description of the background work completed to get both sites implemented you’ll have a better understanding as to why the 2 designs are so different. Which one do you prefer?

https://www.americanrattan.com/ or

Rattan Man Home for Indoor and Outdoor Wicker Furniture Solutions


Thanks for letting “The Rattan Man” know! sales@americanrattan.com

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