How to use Wicker Furniture to Enhance a Room


October 19, 2020


After years of working with Wicker Furniture I’ve learned something interesting. Decorating with Wicker doesnt have to be an all or nothing endeavor. Did you know you can add Wicker to any room with great effect? Its amazing what just a little Wicker furniture can do when its sprinkled in among your more traditional furnishings. Let me use the living room or family room of your home as my first example. So you love your thick and upholstered comfy sofa and arm chair. Adding a rustic flair to the room sounds like a great idea. But you already have your traditional sofa and chair so how to do it? Try a fantastic and new way to think about Wicker decor.

I have shared some photos here that display how adding Wicker furniture to a traditional setting can make a room POP with rustic appeal.

Here we’ve added the OC397 Barbados Wicker Arm Chair by Capris to a traditional living room setting. Note how the all natural wicker chair helps bring out the other unique characteristics of the room such as the upholstered ottomans and the metal end table. The pillows on the sofa match the cushions on the Wicker furniture so everything blends into both a rustic and also soft blend of living room design perfection.


Another way to incorporate Wicker furniture into your living room is to add Wicker occassional tables.

In the example below we show the Plaza upholstered sofa and the Aruba Wicker Coffee and End Tables. This is a great example of using Wicker tables to add natural elements to the room. It will also enhance the overall beauty of your living space.

So enjoy using Wicker furniture in more and creative ways to add that unique and tropical appeal and your everyday living spaces will be even more warm and relaxing.

~ RattanMan(TM)


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